Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tomorrow is the Team Tournament at WarGames Con! Here at dissentingdice we are bringing Space Wolves and Imperial Guard with a legal theme for the team, Bellum Lex(War Law).

Here is our army list, in the style of a federal court document:

Jack and I are heading North and South respectively towards Austin, TX today.
 La Belle Republique,  Austin is where I finished up college, and had the best gaming period in my life, I hope to call it home someday, and am excited to get back.

We are headed down to have a good time, get some great games in, see a lot of amazing armies, and meet a lot of great people. We will be doing a battle report for each game, and I will be staying Saturday to cover the Con in general. So bear with us, we have jobs and summer school, so this will take a while to get out but we will have a lot of content in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your support and readership, this blog has really let us do some gaming work and given both of us a creative impetus. We may not do it all for you but we are glad that we have an audience to share our hobby with.

Be on the look out for us, we will not have shirts like we thought (I messed them up), but if you see the models and huge display board that we have come say hello.

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