Saturday, June 25, 2011

9 Thunderwolves

Today I finished painting up my thunderwolf(hoof) cavalry.

I've got two squads of three, each with a powerfist and storm shield, a storm shield, and a meltabomb with magnetized storm shield.
Also three characters, one with frost blade, thunder hammer, and wolf claw, all with storm shields.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Go Wayland.

Wayland Games, still the best online gaming retailer in my opinion, is sending back all of the Finecast that they received. Because of quality issues. Perhaps GW will listen now, this isn't just every blogger expressing their bad experience, I was going to buy some but there are no stores that get stock in town right now. This is probably the biggest retailer for their products outside company stores, that has flat rejected the new product line because it is as bad as everyone says. Maybe there will be some even slight quality control.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final Count Down.

Doodeedoodoo, doo doo doo, doodeedoodoo....

In two weeks I leave for Austin to play in the WarGames Con team tournament with Jack.


I still need to finish up painting and basing a few more Thunderwolf Cavalry, and a 10 man 2x plasma grey hunter squad to play random games on Saturday with.

This weekend, it's paint time.

Here is a Thunderwolf Cav with magnetized shield I did the other day.

Here is an update on Jack's progress from last week. 

Also, here is what Jack and I are bringing to War Games Con.

HQ 1000 pts
260  Wolf Lord, Thunderwolf , Rune Armor, Storm Shield , thunderhammer , Saga of the   Bear
100 Rune Priest, living lightning, tempests wrath

115 5 Grey  hunters, Meltagun, Rhino
115 5 Grey  hunters, Meltagun, Rhino

Fast Attack
270 3x TWC, 3x Storm Shield, Powerfist, meltabomb

Heavy Support
140 6 long fangs, 5 missiles

HQ  1000pts
70 Primaris Psyker

155 Veterans, 3x meltaguns , chimera
155 Veterans, 3x meltaguns, chimera
140 Veterans, 3x flamers, chimera
170 Veterans,  3x plasma guns, chimera

Heavy Support
150 Leman Russ, HB
160 Manticore 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

WebComic Shill

Alright, time to give back to my friend Brian who made our badass title thingy.

Here is his wonderful, if sporadically updated, webcomic Level Up.

It's about people playing D&D, and it's humorous. That's about it.

Here is one of my favorites as an example.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Alright, I think I am going to get into Malifaux. I can print the book at school for cheap, I can get the models for below retail online. It's fucking cool, rules, models, and concept wise.

Additionally, it uses cards instead of dice to resolve effects during the game, innovative no?

Let's do this.

I'm planning on buying Leviticus to be my main crew, you want him to die almost every turn so you can draw new cards and bring him back to life. How cool is that? He can only use undead, constructs and soulless minions, so that is actually a big chunk of the range. From samurai punk zombies, to a voltron-esque abomination of 4 models that spawn when Leviticus kills things, he has some variety. His spells are super powerful, and he takes damage to cast them, which helps with the whole you want him to die thing.
He spawns from that lovely lady on the bottom of the picture, a hollow waif, when he dies he respawns in contact with one of them(you can have two on the board at once), and he cannot actually die unless they are dead when he dies.

So pretty cool huh?

I am also planning on getting another crew starter box so that I can do demo games, and have some variety, I also am going to join the Henchmen program once I get those together and painted.

But I don't know what to get. I think I want some guild also, I like a lot of their stuff, Lady Justice, Sonia Criid, or Lucius(he has a lawyer!), are all really cool. I also think the Freikorp are badass, and Seamus with his undead hookers is pretty sweet.

But I sort of want something simple so that I can do demo games, but every model seems to have some interesting complexity(a very good thing), so I don't know what to get.

Any advice on which second crew to get?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dice Bucket For The Win

Hey everyone! I am in fact not dead. Been working a ton and decided to get to work about 30 min early so I could have sit down and tell you guys about something that was huge for Bryce and I.

Since Wayland games is no longer an option for us Americans Bryce found a new online store, Dice Bucket. Wanted everyone to know that they were great! Cheaper than GW online and delivery took about 5 days. So if anyone else what devistated by the loss of Wayland then I know my reccomendation is to hit up dice bucket.

On a side note, WarCon Doubles tournament is officially on for dissenting dice! The wolves and the guard will get the chance to get to demolished on a more grand scale than normal.

As long as it goes better than the game where Bryce beat me 14 kp to 0 I will consider it a win.

P.S. I also just saw that they now ship internationally. -bp 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

W4WG Contest.

Over at Wolves for the Wolf God, a nice space wolf blog, they are having a give away to celebrate their 100th post. If we had money we would do something of the like.

You can enter too, just go to the above link and do as it says. Though that decreases my chances of making a Chaos Guard Killzone team. Go check them out anyway.

Some things to look forward to in the upcoming months. Wargames con is July 8-10. We will be down there for the Team Tournament on Friday the 8th, and I'll be doing coverage of the events on Saturday, so we might have some live posts or updates as the day goes on.

I have one more squad(10 hunters with plasma), a wolf rider lord, and 1 more TWC with a removable storm shield to paint and my 1850/2000 point lists are complete.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Loss and Gain.

The only game shop with product (however little) for sale here in Lubbock Texas has closed.

Not sure where to play now, the other shop has become merely a production and testing company for some card fighting game that they bought from Fantasy Flight. I don't know if they allow people to come and use the tables they might still have.

So it seems I had better make friends around here.

But enough sadness, check out what I looted(purchased) from the wreckage of Challenge Games.

I got basically all of their Mordheim terrain and boards. All ruined buildings, and cobblestone boards.

Here is the shot of all of it at the store, plus 7 paints, for $75.
Sadly the tables were too big for me to transport or get through the door of my place, so I didn't get one, guess we're going to have to build.

Here are a few pieces of the cobblestone and all the Mordheim ruins on a 3x3 kitchen table.

Here we see all of the cobblestone portions laid out. There are 5 2x2 squares, 2 1x2's, and 3 1x2's with raised portions and a couple extra raised sections that need man hole covers or wells.  So you can make a wide variety of table sizes. 

Here is an example of making multiple levels with the ramps, featuring Khaleesi, the cutest warsphinx ever.

Finally, the kitten demonstrates how to maneuver between the three raised sections in this close up of them. 

So now the question is, Mordheim or Cutlass? 

Or does anyone know of another cool skirmish/campaign historical or fantasy game with great rules and models?