Monday, February 28, 2011

Army Building Update

2 Drop Dreads with MM, CCW, HF are painted as well as one rifleman dread. Also, 3 Tac squads of 10 Marines with Fist, Flamer, and Missiles Complete.
Left to paint that I own: Another Drop Dread, Rifleman Dread.
I have to build 2 more dread drop pods, gotta get 2 rhino's, a razor, and a MOF.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cosmetic Badassery

We have a new header thanks to my friend Brian in Austin, he can be found at his webcomic Level Up and on Twitter as @levelupcomic.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Due to conversations on twitter with @hungryclone, and his post here on Team Shiv, as well as cheap old Mordheim blisters at Challenge Games I've painted up a couple Marineburger youngbloods. 

I easily thought of a nice story for the warband, two young brothers, sons of a merchant prince seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in the City of the Damned. 

So once I get a box of Empire free company, there's the group. No idea if I'll get to play but these are cool models and I would like to give it a try. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deployment from Battle Report 2.

This game we played at Challenge Games here in Lubbock. 
These are the only pictures we remembered to take.

I'm going to try to explain what is deployed, and why I did it the way I did and how I could have done better. 

I cannot exactly remember now what was in each of Jacks transports etc. but I will try. 

My Deployment: 
Starting from the left in the picture I've got 5 long fangs with 3 missiles and a lascannon, behind them 7 grey hunters and a wolf guard. Back in the ruins another long fang squad with 3 missiles and lascannon. 
To the right of the front long fangs is 8 grey hunters, a wolf guard, and the rune priest. 
Then both HQ's on wolves, the lord on the left and the battle leader on the right, with the regular cavalry between then on the rocks. 
We have another group of long fangs, 4 missiles, and another rhino with 8 grey hunters and a wolf guard.

Alright, here's what I feel that I screwed up. The two back squads of long fangs were very poorly placed, they should have been forward if they could, 48in isn't as long when you are going long ways in spear head. 
I could have gotten them forward a bit more, though you can see the big tower in the middle that blocked up LOS pretty well. 
I should have kept those rhinos a bit farther back, though I think I deployed defensively fairly well. If I was going second I would have kept the rhinos basically where they are, but gotten the long fangs up farther. 

But for getting first turn, I still should have had the rhinos farther back and the long fangs up more for later turns, they ran out of targets in range fairly fast. 

Here is Jack's deployment:
Alright some explanation, Jack is working on getting some Rhinos, the white papers are vehicles. The black circle is an ironclad. Starting on the left again, a razorback with lascannons, and squad inside, with a  Multi Melta speeder behind it. Next a rhino in the back with a missile launcher in it. 
In the palm trees in the back is the combat squad from the razorback with a missile launcher. Behind them is the master of the forge on a bike.
Next the two rifleman dreads, and another rhino with a few marines in it next to the iron clad up front. 
He also has 3 MM/Hf dreads in drop pods. 

I'll get him to come comment on why and how he deployed. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Battle Report #2

Game Set Up:
Kill points, spear head, jack wins roll goes second.

Space Wolves Turn 1
Moving: Basically Everything except the long fangs move up.

Shooting: Long fang all missiles split to Razorback and Speeder, The razorback is immobilized and shaken, Speeder gets exploded! The other long fangs shoot at a Rhino, scoring two glances but landing no damage. Third set of Long fangs take aim at a Rhino but it is out of range. Wolf Riders run!

Assault: none yet

Space Marines Turn 1
Movement: 2 Drop Pods come down with MM Dreads. One Rhino moves up some.

Shooting: MM Dread shoots at Rhino, Crew is shaken. Tac Squad Missile misses its mark, another Tac squad glances a rhino to no avail. 3rd Tac squad Pens a rhino, only to shake them, The ironclad launches a hunter killer missile that neither hunts nor kills kills.

Assault: none yet

Space Wolves Turn 2
Movement: Everything but Long Fangs barrels toward Space Marine Deployment!

Shooting: Back long fangs shoot at dread in back, 2 pens, 1 glance, blows up not killing anything around it. 2nd Long Fangs shoot at other drop dread, 1 glance, 2 pens, weapon destroyed, cant shoot, MM destroyed. 3rd long fangs shoot into rhino, 2 pens, 1 glance, Immobilized!
Lord Runs 1”, 3 Cavalry Run 4”, Battle Leader Runs 6”

Assault: Lord Charges Rhino, 2 glances, 1 pen. Immobilized again so weapon destroyed! The Battle Leader Charges Unit from Razorback, killing 3 marines, marines put 6 normal attacks on wolves and 2 power fist attacks on lord, 1 wound to wolves, wolves kill 1 marine, both die. Lord makes his save and wins by 2. Marines Hold and the combat will continue at a later date!

Space Marines Turn 2
Move: Dread 3 does not come in. Marines get out of middle rhino move towards wolf lord.

Shooting: Dread flames long fangs causing 2 wounds, both are saved. Tac Squad in Rhino shoots missile into Wolf rhino and misses. Other Tac squad Missile takes a shot at Wolf Rhino, scoring a Pen, but then rolls a cant move or shoot.
Tac Squad fires into cavalry, all hit causing 3 wounds, all are saved. Another Tac Squad takes shot into Lord causing 2 wounds, both are saved. Ironclad fires hunter killer missile into Rhino, it glances then shakes the crew. MOF fires Conversion beamer at right long fangs. Scatters pretty far, causes 1 str 8. Wound, Long Fangs fail cover and leader dies.

Assault: Dread assaults long fangs. Combat squad charges lord who counter chargers. Dread hits one, kills one. Battle with Battle Leader continues on to the tune of 1 lost marine and no wounds to Battle Leader, Marines don’t panic. The battle between the lord and the tac squad see the wolves doing 2 wounds, killing one marine; Marines kill one wolf in return. Power Fist attacks mist, lord kills 3 marines. Marines Run but die due to no retreat rules.

Space Wolves Turn 3
Movement: Wolves pile out of immobilized rhino, Cavalry Moves up, Lord Runs toward Space Marine deployment, Wolves pile out of immobilized rhino in board center.

Shooting: Long fangs shoot at TL Auto cannon dread, 3 pens, Destroyed. Wolves shoot at Ironclad, glances, no move no shoot. Rune Priest shoots living lighting at other TL Auto cannon dread, 4 hit, 1 glance, Weapon Destroyed. Long Fangs shoot at ironclad, 3 missiles and a las, 2 missiles hit, 1 glance, cover saved.
Cavalry run 4”, Lord Runs 3”

Assault: Lord charging rhino, Thunder wolves charging other rhino, Battle Leader fight marines, killing one, Power fist wound saved. Marines Lose by 3 but hold on to fight again. Cavalry Blows up Rhino, Dreadnought doesn’t wound Long Fangs.

Space Marine Turn 3
Movement: Drop Dread doesn’t come in. MOF moves laterally, to get better shot. Last Tac Squad also moves into better position.

Shooting: Marines shoot at lord causing 2 bolter wounds and 1 missile wound. Bolters are saved but the lord takes one wound from missile. Tac squad shoots missile at Rhino with Rune Priest but misses. MOF shoots conversion beamer at back long fangs, scores 3 hits, rolls 3 1’s for my strength 10 wound role.

Assault: Full marine squad assaults lord, he counter charges. Wolf causes one wound then takes 1 wound and dies, lord kills 3 marines and takes a power fist wound that he saves. Battle Leaders continues combat and kills all but the captain who puts a power fist wound on him. Drop Dread misses all attacks.

Space Wolves Turn 4
Movement: Rune Priest Splits off from his Unit. Cavalry Moves up, Lord Moves up.

Shooting: Long fangs shoot at Razorback causing 2 pens and a glance, Razorback gets wrecked.
Rune Priest shoots lighting at drop pod, causing a pen which leaves the drop pod unable to shoot! Oh no! Wolves shoot into Drop Pod, causing no hits. Long Fangs shoot into Master of the Forge, 2 wounds, 2 Saves, Wolves fire into Iron clad, Melta misses him.
Cav runs 1”

Assault: Wolves into drop pod, nothing happens. Wolves into Ironclad, 1 wound against wolves, I pen against Ironclad, push. Drop Dread v. Wolves, 1 wound to wolves. Battle Leader kills of Last of the Razor marines. Lord take no wounds and kills 3, blocks power fist. Marine Squad loses their resolve, panics, and runs off the board.

Space Marines Turn 4
Movement: Drop Dread fails to show up.

Shooting: Tac Squad shoots at lord, causing 4 wounds which the lord saves. Auto cannon dread sets his remaining auto cannon on the approaching cavalry causing 1 wound that was saved. Conversion Beamer hits and kills 2 people with strength 10 blast.

Assault: Long Fangs take a wound from Drop Dread and run! Drop Pod gets wrecked.

Space Wolves Turn 5
Movement: All Cavalry move toward surviving unites.

Shooting: Basically the entire wolf army that isn’t chasing down the space marine MOF shoots at a dread and wrecks it.

Assault: Lord and leader don’t make it far enough charging through terrain at combat squad. Cavalry charge MOF, and multi charge dread. Hit 7 times with 2 on MOF, he does nothing back, killed at int 4 by 2 rends. Dread fluffs both attacks, Power Fist hits dread causing 2 pens which leaves him stunned. Ironclad kills 2 marines. Wolf guard misses, they run, get away 6 inches.

Marines Turn 5
Movement: None

Shooting: Combat squad shoots lord. 2 wounds saves. Iron clad flames marines kills none.

Assault: Cavalry blow up dread, one get wounded in blast and fails to save. Ironclad assault hunters . kills 2 more, they run again.

End of Game Score
Wolves – 14 kill points (Holy Hell)
Space Marines – 0 kill points.

End of Game thoughts:
Holy crap I got my ass kicked! I think the big deal with this game was that I could not for the life of me pop transports. And because I was running a 6 dread list I didn’t really have the bodies to have real crowd control.
Bryce played very well and I just got stomped. Plus I hate his lord, he makes me want to kick babies!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Battle Report is on the way. The next few weeks.

I have been laid low this weekend by food poisoning from a Sonic hamburger.

So the battle report from thursday is still upcoming. Jack and I both have a tests coming up on the week of the 1st, and I have an ethics exam on the 5th. So we might not be able to get much content up in the coming weeks. But that's what you get with a law student blog.

To tide ya'll over here is my space wolf army displayed before our battle thursday. The list is the one posted a few days ago.

It performed very well. I would like to try it against some other people around here though. Jack is a great opponent but some variety would shake this list out pretty well I think.

I am not entirely sold on lascannons in the long fangs squads only one hit through 5 turns. I do like that going with one less guy and weapon lets me get more saturation and redundancy. Splitting to 6 targets for a big first round is pretty nice, I would  be afraid with my dark eldar.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some news, discounts.

Last night Jack and I got a game in, we'll be getting a battle report up this weekend.

Also Wayland Games, the best online seller in my opinion, has put out another new code.

An extra 5% off orders over £30, about $48 USD. The discount code is "WAYLANDIS2". 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I like this list a lot.

Alright, mistakenly thinking that ard boyz was in the spring, I made a 2500 list the other day. I liked a lot of things from it, but it seemed quite out of reach with the 1850 standard that is the nature of things here in Lubbock.

However, I totally made it work. I worked it up from memory in Tax earlier today.
Here is the list after getting the book and being able to get exact numbers.

This does not have my usual standbys of two MM/HF speeders. I like to have them for last minute objective contesting, and mobile long range melta, but this more centralized wave of doom sounds like fun as well.


245 Wolf lord , Thunder Wolf, Thunderhammer, SS,runic armor, 2 wolves
210 WGBL , Thunder Wolf, Frost Weapon, SS, runic armor, 2 wolves
150 Rune Priest, Master of Runes

129 3 WG, powerfist, combi melta

145 7 grey hunters , melta , rhino 
160 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino 
160 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino 

Fast Attack
270 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1)powerfist , storm shield, 2) storm shield, meltabomb , 3) storm shield 

Heavy Support 
115 5 long fangs , 4 missile launchers
130 5 long fangs, 3 missiles , 1 lascannon
130 5 long fangs, 3 missiles , 1 lascannon

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Space wolves work.

Well, I seem to be having technical difficulties. Is it fixed?

Multi melta wolfguard with power fists.
A chooser of the slain on top of a Dark Eldar whose eyes have been pecked out.
And 3 thunder wolf cavalry with brand new storm shields.

Possible MOF concept

So I kind of want to stick with my dreadnought theme by making my MOF with Conv Beamer on a Bike a dreadnought. I messed around with paint a little bit earlier and this is what I came up with. Curious for peoples thoughts.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreadnought Update

Wanted to give an update on my dreadnought progress! Got the 3 MM, CCW, HF dreads and 1 rifleman dread done. Need 4 more autocannons and a ironclad and Ill be done with these guys.
Really like the turn out on the rifleman dread and cant wait to scrounge up some more autocannons to get the next one done.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ard Boyz?

Alright, I don't know if either of the stores up here are doing Ard Boyz, but here is what I would take if they do. Basically this is most of what I have, I have another 10 grey hunters on sprue, and another rhino.
I also have a scout squad with a meltagun, but I usually forget about them either to bring them or once they get there.

So I have three heavy hitters, 4 durable mobile scoring units, a good bit of psychic power and defense, a lot of suppression fire down range, and can throw templates if I need to, as well as fists and melta spread around, and the speeders for mobile melta/ flamer.


245 Wolf lord, thunder wolf , storm shield , thunder hammer , rune armor , 2x wolves 
240 Wolf lord , thunder wolf , storm shield , frost blade , rune armor , 2x wolves 
245 Njal
150 Rune Priest, Master of Runes, Tempests Wrath, Living lightning. 

114 3 wolfguard w powerfists
170 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino , wolf standard 
170 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino , wolf standard 
170 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino, wolf standard 
195 10 grey hunters , 2x plasmaguns, rhino

Fast Attack
70 Speeder , MM , HF 
70 Speeder , MM , HF 
205 3 TWC , 1 powerfist , 1 stormshield 

Heavy Support
140 6 long fangs, 5 missile launchers 
155 6 long fangs, 4 missiles , 1 lascannon 
155 6 long fangs , 4 missiles , 1 lascannon 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holy crap, cool minis. Cheap too. Black Scorpion Miniatures.

Black Scorpion Miniatures 

Fantasy Pirates, with an upcoming rules set Cutlass written by Gav Thorpe (beyond his Chaos Codex Nuremberg Defense, an ok guy). 

The game is a skirmish campaign, sounds Mordheim- esque but with Savage Worlds style dice mechanics(stat increases are a larger die, start at d4 to d6, etc). Your pirates advance, and get new abilities and gear. 

The price is right too, $12 for the 4 man sets, $13 for the 5 man, and $5 for singles, I'm having a hard time not ordering some to play around with and paint, individual stuff like that keeps me interested. 

Here are some examples of the factions, all the fantasy norms, orcs & goblins, elves, dwarves, undead, and 3 kinds of humans pirate, privateer, and Royal Navy.

Dwarf Pirates! 


Privateers, my favorite of the humans, they make me wish for income. 

And Royal Navy Marines, you can use some of the others for normal crewmen. 

They also have an Old West line called Tombstone that would be great for Deadlands, and I think I saw a western skirmish game not too long ago, not sure where though. 

All images are property of Black Scorpion Miniatures, used without permission or challenge for commentary purposes. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Twitter armylist challenge!

My good buddy, and former doubles partner, Jyo aka @hungryclone, put up an idea of a challege list. Take some semi arbitrary parameter and make a list with it.
I gave him an old school ulthwe list. Guardians, psykers, no bikes.
He gave me this in return on his blog Team Shiv.

Here is my challenge list. All drop/flying tyranid list, max troops. Outflank etc. doesn't count.

Mycetic spore list 1997

265 Tyrant , hive commander, lash whip/bonesword, scything talons, toxin sacks , wings 
160 Parasite of Morthrex

160 2 zoanthropes , spore 
160 2 zoanthropes , spore
160 2 zoanthropes, spore 

160 20 hormagaunts, spore 
160 20 hormagaunts, spore
160 20 hormagaunts, spore
160 20 hormagaunts, spore 
160 20 hormagaunts, spore
160 20 hormagaunts, spore

Fast attack
132 22 gargoyles

 So yes, 6 anti tank models, that can only hit 3 targets when they come down, and they have to make a psychic test and hit. Risky. But there are 120 hormagaunts to leap on whatever comes out of the cracked metal boxes next turn.  
Parasite and gargoyles since I couldn't get more than one carnifex with the points I had left, so yeah this is a dumb list, but it would look impressive. 

So basically this is a hide the hive tyrant and get ready to see what happens turn 2..... it may not be effect

With that +1 to reserve rolls, and well,  the move at speed and assault whatever is closest anyway with or with out synapse.

The need for spores takes out most of the standard tyranid stuff. 

So basically this is a hide the hive tyrant and get ready to see what happens turn 2..... it may not be effective, but it will be entertaining. Get him into a position to direct the gaunts, and with the zoans, and the parasite being around, many will be in synapse range. But if not, they go as fast as they can into assault. 

So grab the dice, say fuck it and roll. This is all about luck. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Incubi, WIP.

Since we had a snow today, I started on my incubi squad this evening.
The metals still need to be done, and some white highlights on the faces, and details still.

But you can get the general idea.

Deathwatch army for @gwensdad

More 40k twitter interaction, prompted by discussion between @hungryclone and @gwensdad on Ordo Xenos forces. You can make a deathwatch army now, and I'm sure a much better one that this.

You have 4 scoring units, a hammer, and 4 mobile multi meltas running around, with some drop melta scattered around with hope.

The librarian has those powers as they would be the best for taking out xenos forces. Make a seer council reroll all saves, you only get one reroll total, and roast everything from necrons up with the flame template, also bringing a 3rd stormshield to the party.

The random drop assault squad is because I had 125 points and no idea what to use them on, so it's more attacks(especially with the Watch Captain nearby) a powefist, and a 5th drop pod so I can put three down on turn 1.

1850 Deathwatch Taskforce
175 Watch Captain Hannibal (Pedro Kantor)
140 Deathwatch Librarian, terminator armor with storm shield, Avenger and Null Zone

260 7 Deathwatch Killteam 175, 3 combi meltas, 2 combi plasma 2 combi flamer, lightning claw , drop pod
260 7 Deathwatch Killteam 175, 3 combi meltas, 2 combi plasma 2 combi flamer, lightning claw , drop pod
200 5 Deathwatch Assault Terminators, 3 lightning claws, 2 Th/Ss

210 10 Seconded Tactical Marines, meltagun, missile launcher, drop pod
210 10 Seconded Tactical Marines, meltagun, missile launcher, drop pod

Fast Attack
140 Seconded Land Speeder squadron 2x MM/HF
140 Seconded Land Speeder squadron 2x MM/HF
125 5 Deathwatch assault marines, powerfist, no jump packs, free drop pod

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wanted to put up an update with my future 1850 list that I have been building toward. The idea is pretty easy to see I think, drop the drop dreads in their lines; walk the ironclad to absorb fire and whoop on people. 3 Tac squads, 1 combat squaded to make use of the 2 razors with lascannons; 2 riflemen dreads to go after transports.

Master of the Forge - Conversion Beamer, Bike, Power Sword

Dreadnought - MM, CCW, FLamer
Dreadnought - MM, CCW, FLamer
Dreadnought - MM, CCW, FLamer

Marine Tac Squad x10, Fist, Flamer, Lascannon, Rhino
Marine Tac Squad x 10, Fist, Melta, Lascannon, Rhino
Marine Tac Squad x10, Fist, Melta, Lascannon, Razorback, TL Lascannon
Razor, TL Lascannon

Iron Clad - Heavy, 2x HK Missile
Dreadnought - 2x TL Autocannon
Dreadnought - 2x TL Autocannon


Twitter request. Incubi before bed.

Assembled some Incubi last night. Good suggestion @hungryclone and @dndprincessaria They are both some pretty good 40k people to follow. I played the doubles tournament at BoLScon last year with Jyo (hungryclone) 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alas, poor Farseer. I knew him. The Baron.

Sorry for the shitty iphone picture and hipster filter, but you can see the changes I made.
Extra blade fins on the back, a warrior armored torso,  and a biker head that will have mirror shades and a blue bandanna (Hellions are Crips).

I am going to put him with 20 Hellions, with a sarge and stunclaw. He will also double as a Helliarch with agonizer if I want to use 2x 10 man squads.