Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ork Time

So long story short my warhammer ADD kicked in again and im going to sell the imperial guard. They were a fun diversion but very tedious to paint. I wanted something new and excting. The answer is obvious .... WAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!

These are the first 20 boys and 2 nobs. I decided to use a painting method I found on youtube where you base coat the model in white and then use washes to paint your guys. I like the look a lot and wanted to share them. I also set up a step by step of how to paint in this method so if you like it you can give it a shot.

Wash Painting

Step 1: Base Coat your model white and after it drys wash the whole model with Devlan Mudd. Step 2: Wash with Thrakka Green Step 3: Dry Brush all metal with whatever metal color you want, I liked mithril silver. Step 4: Wash all the metal with badab black. Step 5: Make a mix of whatever color you want, I used blood red, and Devlan Mudd and wash whatever areas you want.

My next project is converting a WWII jeep into a war buggy. I want to have 6 buggys in my army and I really dont like the GW version. Plus in the spirit of Orkyness I just really want to throw some stuff together and see if it works!

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