Monday, July 25, 2011

Jack's Birthday

Today is my co-blogger Jack Hawthrone's birthday, let's get some happy birthday comments people.

I just want to say thank you, and what a pleasure it has been to have some embark on this crazy idea of doing a warhammer blog while still having to do all the crap one has to do in law school too.

He likes to paint, I like to play.

Happy birthday man.

Here is a preview of one of the badass kit bashed buggies he made for his loota ork army.

Finally a list I made based on what he wanted out of orks.

115 Warboss , mega armor, cybork body, bosspole
85 Big Mek Kustom Force Field

180 12 lootas
180 12 lootas
255 5 MegaNobz,  kombi skorcha, kombi rokkit, Trukk red paint job, reinforced ram

255 5 MegaNobz,  kombi skorcha, kombi rokkit, Trukk red paint job, reinforced ram
160 20 shoota boys, nob klaw bosspole
160 20 shoota boys, nob klaw bosspole

Fast Attack
70 2 warbuggies with rokkits
70 2 warbuggies with rokkits
70 2 warbuggies with rokkits

Heavy Support
100 2 kans with rokkits
150 3 kans with rokkits 

Friday, July 22, 2011

6/23 Grey Knights

Alright, after seeing the raw power of psycannons fighting the DUKES Boys, I got it into my head that an 1850 Draigo Paladin list would only be 22 models. Even I can paint that many.

Here are the first 6; first half of a Paladin squad armed with 2 halberds, 2 psycannons, a hammer and an apothecary with sword, and a terminator librarian that I yoinked from my Space Hulk game.

Jack is going to do the force weapons something like the below when he gets back into town.

Alright on to my grey knights, and they are actually grey, the darkest grey I could find in town, I wanted them darker, but I think this works. I wanted more of the older almost black color than the modern silver. 

Also, just this afternoon I got my order of 15 more terminators from Dice Bucket, I also got a Vindicare and a metal Draigo off ebay, Draigo has yet to come in.

Monday, July 18, 2011

WarGamesCon II

Alright, I have yet to remember to get my notes and lists out of the car, so here are more pictures of armies and thoughts on the whole enterprise.

More from Friday, there was more than 40k happening, they had Fantasy Pairs and a Flames of War tournament. Note: I've really wanted to play Flames of War, but having time, money, and opponents for 40k, though I also have some warmachine, malifaux, board games, RPGs... I have a problem.

 Such a huge book.
 The Fantasy teams seem to be much smaller than the 40k.
Protection from what? "Zee Germans"? 

Neither of us played in the main tournament, it was another $70, Jack had to work, and I had to get back to Lubbock early Sunday for class on Monday. I didn't stay long, it was hard to really cover in the midst of an ongoing tournament, and the other events either hadn't started yet or had just ended when I got there after epic breakfast at Kerbey Lane. I did snap a few pictures of some armies, people playing, the Warmachine tournament that had ended and some of the stuff for the narrative event later in the day. 

 Nice clean yellow.
 Chaos guard, mutant Valks? Yes please!
 A pretty Falcon "action shot".
 More of those beautiful purple DE from the day before.

 Never actually seen a full air cav list. That is cool looking.

One of Mars d./b./a. "The Girl's" Yme Loc big ass eldar tank, looks great. 

 This one was made by GentlebBen, and he won the above one.

Great white and yellow.

 Some goatboy art. I need to get a bag first.
Pub quiz, how many can you get?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ork Time

So long story short my warhammer ADD kicked in again and im going to sell the imperial guard. They were a fun diversion but very tedious to paint. I wanted something new and excting. The answer is obvious .... WAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!

These are the first 20 boys and 2 nobs. I decided to use a painting method I found on youtube where you base coat the model in white and then use washes to paint your guys. I like the look a lot and wanted to share them. I also set up a step by step of how to paint in this method so if you like it you can give it a shot.

Wash Painting

Step 1: Base Coat your model white and after it drys wash the whole model with Devlan Mudd. Step 2: Wash with Thrakka Green Step 3: Dry Brush all metal with whatever metal color you want, I liked mithril silver. Step 4: Wash all the metal with badab black. Step 5: Make a mix of whatever color you want, I used blood red, and Devlan Mudd and wash whatever areas you want.

My next project is converting a WWII jeep into a war buggy. I want to have 6 buggys in my army and I really dont like the GW version. Plus in the spirit of Orkyness I just really want to throw some stuff together and see if it works!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wargames Con Teams, Wheres my swag?

Alright, we didn't come home covered in glory, but we had a damn fine time, thanks to BoLS for putting on another great convention, though there didn't appear to be goody bags this year either, just stop promising it guys.

Also, on the rules pack it said there was a Fluff Bunny Award, of Paint+Sportsmanship+Presentation- Battle Points, pretty sure we were in the running as we did well on the others and only scored 1 point. But this award was not awarded to anyone.

Bad stuff done, on to the pretty armies.

Here is the hall and a shot of one of the tables, pretty good for such a huge tournament, you can hide behind things, although we never got much of a chance to hide our manticore very well until the last game.

A few of the team armies.
 Eldar and Grey Knights
 All Bikes all the time.
 What won't Orks loot?
 Love the looted raiders.
 Dark/Eldar Harlequins(probabably wyches)
 Very nice DoubleWing
Carebear Army, with Seer Council and Thunderhammer Storm Shield Terminators.

 Really love the raiders and the contrast of these two.
Holy crap that's a lot of wolves.

That's all for today, a few more pictures of what else was going on and our games to come shortly.