Monday, August 29, 2011

Son of a Bi..attle.

Alright, sisters are ok now. The acts faith got streamlined, but are much weaker now.

Here is my first list that I am thinking might be cool. Comments to follow.


90 Uriah Jacobus
170 Battle Conclave 4 Crusaders, 5 Assassins, Rhino


185 10 Sisters, power weapon, melta, flamer, rhino
185 10 Sisters, power weapon, melta, flamer, rhino
185 10 Sisters, power weapon, melta, flamer, rhino
190 10 Sisters, power weapon,  2x melta, rhino 
190 10 Sisters, power weapon,  2x melta, rhino

Fast Attack
125 5 Dominions, 2x meltaguns, rhino 
125 5 Dominions, 2x meltaguns, rhino
Heavy Support
135 Exorcist
135 Exorcist
135 Exorcist 

Alright, Uriah will be in every list, he is the most auto include thing that I have ever seen. He is cheap as hell, and gives you your only means to control the amount of faith points you get. Also, put this guy in a unit of crusaders and deathcult assassins, he adds +1 attack and FNP to a unit with nothing but power weapons and invulnerable saves.

The nuns with guns don't have as many flashy powers to call upon now. The Acts are divided by unit, the normal battle sisters get a very general, almost subtle power that can be used in every phase. In the movement phase they can use the power to regroup ( in normal squads the powers go off on a 4+) regardless of any normal restrictions, so on a 4+ these ladies are braver than space marines, and can't be chased off. In the shooting and assault phases the power has the same effect and can be used in both, it allows you to re-roll
 to Hit rolls of 1. Not that great, but it helps a bit. Also, Ld 9 basically across the board, and if they take a casualty the powers go off on a 3+
Also, on a related note, why the hell are heavy flamers 20 points? That seems excessive.

Fast Attack
Dominions have scout, so you can outflank with them. Each of these squads has 2 meltas and their Act of Faith makes the meltas twin linked on a 4+. So come around the side, hop out and hopefully blow up something important.

Heavy Support
Same as they were, d6 Str 8 Ap 1 shots at 48in. Armor 13 on the front, for 135 each, take three!

Non used units.
Cannoness, she is pretty cool, not really seeing the point though when you can get Uriah. She adds nothing but some close combat ability, and that is not really something that you need, her power adds +1 initiative and  preferred enemy in close combat, so now you don't strike after space marines, yay!

She also opens up a command squad, which includes feel no pain and a laud hailer(lets you recover successful Faith Points on a 6.) Their power gives move through cover and relentless. This struck me as really odd, until the second part came out and the three celestians in the squad can get multi meltas for 10 points each. Nice. Worth it, maybe? Being a laud hailer bubble and a multi melta bunker in a rhino perhaps.

Saint Celestine is cheap cheap cheap, and pretty cool, she can come back to life  and kinda wreck shop for a sister. One issue, in the unit entries she is an IC, in the army list she is not. Ugh. I'd say she is an IC, throw her in some Celestians and maybe they can do something cool.

The other preachers are not worth mentioning, Jacobus is as far as you need to look. However the Battle Conclave is awesome. Deathcult Assassins, Crusaders, 15 points each. There might be another unit in there, but by brain blocked it out for uselessness.


I don't know where you would put the Preachers, maybe a celestian squad? Normal sisters are already 10 strong. They give re-rolls to hit when charging. Really only useful to the battle conclave and seraphim(though they can't join this unit) and Jacobus provides this to the battle conclave that he can take.

Celestians seem to be your assault unit, they can take two weapons no matter the size, have WS 4, and get +1 Str and Fearless in close combat. So these ladies seem made to be with a cannoness. So then you are hitting like a space marine with a chaplain in the squad with T 3. After two faith points spent, that go off on a 3+, or 2+ if they have taken a casualty.  At only 80 points for the squad base, they are not that pricey.

Sisters Repentia. Well, they are almost usable now, they have a 6++ invulnerable save like all the other sisters. They have fleet, rage, feel no pain and fearless, with Str 6 strikes last attacks, 2 each. If they are killed before they can strike in the turn they get one attack after combat before they are removed. for 90 points for 4 plus the leader, and the power going off on a 4+, if you can get them to combat, not bad. Not good at all, battle conclaves are what these are when they grow up.

Just battle sisters, they can get two weapons for reasonable cost unless you want heavy flamers. They are 12 points each, I think this is reasonable, 10 would have been too cheap, and they are not worth the 15 of a grey hunter.

Fast Attack
Seraphim, I love this unit. I really want them to be awesome. They can shoot both pistols, and get to inherently re-roll failed acts of faith and the 6++ save they get too. Their act of faith allows failed wounds from just shooting. Then they get to charge, with probably a power weapon from the superior, and then they go last against the average opponent. Sigh.

They get two specials per 5, that is pretty nice, so you can get 4 in a full squad, also scouts. They can have twin linked weapons with their act of faith. A nice back up to normal sisters.

Heavy Support
Exorcist, front armor 13, 48in d6 S8 Ap1 shots for 135 each. 'Nuf said.

They can have 4 heavy per squad, Heavy Bolter, Multimelta, and Heavy Flamer. Their act of faith gives rending. Sigh. However, on heavy flamers, damn also only 5 points here.

Penitent Engine, only 85 points, Ws 4, two dread CCWs, both with a heavy flamer, it ignores stunned and shaken, can be taken in units of three and each of it's d6+1 attacks that kill it gets another attack, not infinite. It's open topped, av 11, and a 6++ save. Cool, but meh. Also rage.

That rounds out the unit choices.

We have a Rhino, same as always. It gets a 6+ invulnerable save, something you must remember that.

And the Immolator, it is no longer fast, and the heavy bolters with re-roll to wound is 65 points or the standard twin lnked heavy flamer. Meh, I'd rather have larger squads and use points on more weapons.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not fat. Big Boned.

It's been a while, school started and all that. 


So, now we have to learn to play fantasy and it is all this guys fault. 
Coolest mini ever. I will probably need two. From the battle report and Beasts of War, they are pretty cheap points wise. Actually all the characters seem to be fairly cheap to start with. Which is a nice balance for the high points costs of the core fat boys themselves. 

So hopefully I can puts lots of magicy and fighty characters in with my blocks of ogres, though with this army the split is not so exact. 

The main box comes with 6 ogres, 6 ironguts, and 4 lead blechers. So that appears to be a nice balanced start to an army. I want at least 1 more caster, a BSB and maybe a big smashy dude. A couple more blocks of ogres and some monsters and one of those multi shot cannons should round it out nicely. 

Also the thunder tusk is a pretty bad ass model, appearance and stats wise, it adds some shooting to the army with an inherent stone thrower and a guy shooting from it's back, and has a 6in aura of always strike last, a BIG help to the slow and steady ogres. 

So expect a lot of fantasy stuff in the near future. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feast of Blades

Alright, as it appears that the Draigo I ordered on ebay has been lost in the mail, I am going to take space wolves to this weekend's Feast of Blades qualifier here in Lubbock.

Here is what I am thinking. Yes it is pretty stripped down with only 2 long fangs squads, but I really did like having the two priests this past weekend, though if it is the same people they didn't have much in the way of things to be screwed by tempests wrath, but it did make people rather cautious. This time I will be more aggressive and go for the throat if I can. I got stuck behind early dead rhinos and blocking vehicles.

Space wolves
 1999 points

255 Wolf lord, thunderwolf, rune armor, storm shield, frost blade,  Saga of the Bear
100 Rune priest, tempests wrath, storm caller
105 Rune priest, tempests wrath, living lightning, wolf tail talisman

129 3 Wolf Guard, powerfists, combi meltas
80 5 wolf scouts, meltagun (WG)

185 8 Grey hunters, meltagun, power weapon, wolf standard, rhino (WG, RP)
185 8 Grey hunters, meltagun, power weapon, wolf standard, rhino (WG)
130 6 Grey hunters, melta gun, rhino (RP)
195 10 Grey hunters, 2 plasmaguns, rhino

Fast Attack
235 3 thunderwolves, 2 storm shields, powerfist
60 Speeder, multi melta
60 speeder, multi melta

Heavy Support
140 6 long fangs 5 missile launchers
140 6 long fangs 5 missile launchers

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Medium 'Ard 1

New Beginnings
Alright, yesterday was the Ard Boys prelims here in the US. It was also the opening day for the newest and only wargames place in Lubbock Texas, Stormcrow Games.  Aaron, a local gamer, has opened the shop, and I wish him the best of luck and success. I even bought something yesterday.

It still had that fresh store smell, and an ENORMOUS terrain collection, as their backroom is now the home of the terrain collection for the Lubbock Wasteland Wars tournament.
They had 6 tables set up with varying terrain set up, though only 5 ended up getting used as we had 10 players show up. 

 The Tournament

Now onto the reports, I'm going to cover the first game today and the second and third tomorrow along with thoughts and comments.

My first and third games were against a really great kid named Skylar, he was a little wargammer Bro, and a lot of fun to play.
The first mission was kill points and involved a traitor model that we needed to kill, the missions can be found HERE in my last post.
First turn he castled up in the corner, and used his crazy Blood Angels speed to come forward, I did immobilize one of the vindicators, trapping the land raider in the back field for most of the game.

Turn 2
I got first blood, taking out a rhino, but he went full bore at my long fangs and killed 5 over the three squads.

Turn 3
There was much slaughter, he killed 2 of the three thunder wolves in one squad with vindicators, and wrecked a rhino into being in the way. He also assaulted my three long fangs squads all over the board, taking all three down in one turn. Tempests Wrath kept Astorath and his jump troops bottled up with the land raider in the back field.
But, my revenge was sweet, the final Thunderwolf with a power fist charges and gets into contact with both vindicators, which couldn't move and destroys both of them. The scouts come in from the back and with two meltaguns blow up the land raider. We are back at 4-4 on kill points. The Thunderwolf Lord killed a devastator squad that I think we forgot about when totally kill points.

Turn 4
 With the raider gone and lots of thunder wolves getting close to his guys he moves the assault marines around  to take out the super thunderwolf that just punched two of the best thunderwolf killing tanks to death at the same time. Due to Tempests wrath the sanguinary priest dies! The lone thunderwolf finally dies after taking 10 wounds, and only fails 2, but that is enough.
In my turn 4 the lord and the three other thunderwolves assault the assault squad, killing most of them. There are also lots of shenanigans going on with the traitors trying to kill each other and hoping into rhinos and running away from each other, with the blood angels having the speed advantage.

Turn 5
The thunderwolf lord takes down Astorath, then dies to more death company in my turn 4. Those re-rolls all over the place are brutal.

Turn 6
The remaining Thunder Wolves and death company kill each other.

It ends up a minor loss (possibly due to miscounting, but that would be a draw), with almost equal battle points because I went for secondary stuff like a mo fo. I lost by 1 kill point, it was back and forth the whole game, and a great time. I killed the HQ+1, got my traitor into his deployment zone +3 and controlled the most terrain +1. All in all it was a great game, and I wish I had take better notes, it's a shame that Skylar doesn't live here, he was a fun guy to play, and I'm glad he got the win, his second game he got massacred about about hour before time was called.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tournament Product Placement

Put away those stolen Burger King trays and tea service carriers, have I got a transport for you. Just in time for 'Ard Boyz Saturday too!

With a keen eyed suggestion from my girlfriend, I grabbed this at Target today. 

It snaps together, and can be expanded, though too much and it would be unwieldy I would think. The boxes are fairly large, and can even fit the model I was worried about, the Thunderwolf waving his hammers around over his head. It could be a hard fit for taller models and maybe eldar tanks, things with flying stands etc. 

As you can see it fits 4 rhinos easily, with room for all the guys in them, you could probably get 2 land raiders in there with plenty of room to spare. 

Here is a shot of the box closed, it would be quite the good carrier from the car to the table, but for storage and long transportation, a foam case is a lot safer. But to carry around at a tournament(if displays don't matter) it would be a great case. 

One last product plug, here is a shot of my custom dice bag from Dragon Chow. It's flat on the bottom to stand up on the table, hell I might use it for wargaming too as I do that more often. It's orange on the inside and has PBR on the outside, the opposite of me most days. The ONLY complaint is that she couldn't get University of Texas Burnt Orange fabric, but that is a minor quibble, she even asked me about it and showed me the current mottled orange that is in there. Now that is customer service. 

Lyndsay ( she's Canadian, how exotic) makes them by hand, and even gets you custom fabric if need be, the PBR cans she designed and had made herself. It was $17 including custom fabric for a hand made dice bag( could be more depending on fabric). That's even cheaper than the bottle of Crown Royal (also Canadian, I see a theme), that it takes to get a bag that way. As far as I can tell she can make anything. You can also find her on Twitter as @GeekyLyndsay. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm 'Ard, are you?

Alright boyz and girlz, next weekend is 'Ard Boyz, let's do this!

Here is a run down of the missions by Thomas d/b/a Goatboy, basically kill the fuck out of shit. Also, I concur on the WTF victory points, I don't like math.

My Grey Knights won't be finished in time, and I don't have enough to get that extra 500 points out of them. I can swing up to 2000 with them.

On to the list!

Basically this is what I like about Space Wolves, but with lots more of it.

50 scoring boots on the ground, psychic defense, everything that flies disruption bubble, three big ol' bags of hammers, a little back field shenanigans, and lots of fire going down range.

260 Wolf lord, thunder wolf, Storm shield, thunder hammer, rune armor, saga of the bear
100 Rune priest, living lightning, tempest's wrath

80 5 wolf scouts, meltagun (WG)
129 3 wolfguard, with combi meltas and powerfists

175 9  Grey hunters, meltagun , rhino(rune priest)
185 9  Grey hunters, meltagun, wolf standard, rhino(WG)
185 9  Grey hunters, meltagun, wolf standard,  rhino (WG)
195 10 grey hunters, 2 plasmaguns , rhino
195 10 grey hunters, 2 plasmaguns , rhino

Fast Attack
270 3 thunderwolf cavalry, 3 storm shields, powerfist meltabomb
270 3 thunderwolf cavalry, 3 storm shields, powerfist meltabomb

Heavy Support
140 6 long fangs 5 missiles
170 6 long fangs 2 lascannons 3 missiles
145 5 long fangs 2 lascannons 2 missiles