Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Little and Way Too Late.

Alright, so everyone has seen the Thunderwolf Cavalry models.

Oh, you haven't here they are via Ogre Stronghold.
Commentary after HUGE pictures.

So, if this is all they were going to do, why were these not released either day 1 or very soon afterwards? GW not making these specific models has created several small miniatures companies, who have then gone to make more things. Many many players have found non GW alternatives to use for TWC, people who would have bought these models if they had been available.

Hell, I don't particularly care for them, but I would have used them for my 9 Thunder Cavalry. Also, according to BoLS the TWC will be $54 for the three. I've spent much less than that on mine, using 2nd hand, or swapped models.
Though I am very glad that these look nothing like Canis. They did a good job, I just think quite a few of 3rd party ones have looked just as good. Or even captured the armored/ mechanical feel a lot better.

However, these are plastic. Which is a huge plus in my book.

Then we get to what I am most excited about, and going to actually purchase. The Fenrisian Wolves!
I think they look great, much more dynamic than the goblin wolves, and more wolf like than chaos hounds. The chaos hounds always felt too mutated even in my much more heavy metal chaosy looking Space Wolves. I'll be getting at least a box of these to be wolf lord escorts. I love it when a wolf takes a lascannon to the face.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Malifaux Painting

I've done a bit of hobby work lately.
Also, I'm posting this from my phone. How cool is that?

First is my Merc Convict Gunslinger for my Seamus gang, zombie hookers and pistoleros, yes please.

Here you can see the skull painted on his face, as well as the Rebel Battle Flag tattooed on his arm. Also, note the pearl handled pistols.

An we have a Punk Zombie painted mostly by local gaming addict Bo. He basically plays everything that is possible to play, and likely has at least a force or two for every game played locally, and some that aren't. He is a great guy and shares my opinion that minis are a better money pit than drugs.

He painted most of it, I added the crude hand painted Union Jack on the back, because c'mon man it's punk rock.

Friday, February 3, 2012

PP made me blow a COLOSSAL load!

HOLY CRAP.  Warmachine Colossals are amazing.

Check out the video HERE.

On to the screen caps I made. The following images are taken from the above video as the type of "comment" embodied in 17 USC 107, if the copyright holder wishes them taken down, merely send me an email, a C&D is not needed.

Here is a nice comparison to show exactly how huge these things are. 

Here is the Cygnar one as well, it seems only these two models exist so far. 

As a Menoth player, holy crap shoulder rockets and flamethrowers. AHHHHH!!! YES! Also, this one just screams "IT'S A GUNDAM!". 

Finally we have these big boys facing off on the field of battle. 

So in closing, I can't wait to buy the Menoth one as an after Bar present in July, which appears to be when these things start coming out.