Sunday, November 18, 2012

CSM: Night Lords

Hey folks,

Here's my first shot at a Chaos Space Marines list. It does look like an army that I'd make in 5th. Not sure how I would make this a 6th edition army. A Heldrake, flakk missiles, allies? Does a 6th edition army just mean taking the new stuff?

 I know Night Lords are a non religious chaos army, which I like, but the Axe of Blind Rage is too cool. Also it will be modeled as warp talon parts.

So we have mobility through transports and jump troops, some ranged firepower and plenty of melta and a good amount of plasma. So would this be a more 6th ed list without the transports and 140 more points worth of troops? Actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea. What do you think? Hit me up on here or on twitter @bryce963.

1848 points.

Chaos Lord, VoTLW, Jump Pack, Mark of Khorne, Axe of Blind Fury, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation

10 Marines, +CCW, meltagun, flamer, VoTLW, power axe, Rhino
10 Marines, +CCW, meltagun, flamer, VoTLW, power axe, Rhino
10 Marines, 3x plasmaguns, Rhino, power axe, VoTLW
10 Marines, 3x plasmaguns, Rhino, power axe, VoTLW
10 Cultists, 8 autoguns, flamer

Fast Attack
10 Raptors, 2x meltaguns, VoTLW, power axe
10 Raptors, 2x meltaguns, VoTLW, power axe

Heavy Support
5 Havocs, 2x missile launchers, 2x autocannons
5 Havocs, 2x missile launchers, 2x autocannons

Monday, November 5, 2012

Let me tell you about my game. IKRPG

So gentle readers, last night I ran the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. It was a smashing success.

Most of this was due to my great players, and my willingness to just run with things. We were far less serious than the Iron Kingdoms seem meant to be. We had Viscount Maximus Gluttious Sextus, an Aristocrat/ Arcanist, his Khadoran bodyguard Ivan Ivanevich a Bounty Hunter/ Man at Arms, and Maximus' very capable Gobber servant (name) a Thief/Explorer.

Essentially our dilettante spellcaster was playing Hedonismbot with the power to blow people away with magic.
Our bodyguard was a hard drinking Khadoran veteran. And our Gobber was a long suffering fix it man(lady) that was the actual brains of the operation.

We were an Arcane Order, which we figured was part of the holdings of the Vicount's family, and included both an arcane library and an erotic arcane library. What I feared would be too short with just one carriage heist as the main plot/ combat encounter turned into a solid almost 4 hour session after character creation and not too long on the combat actually. The encounter took at the most 30 minutes and was great fun.

The players were worried about the crunchiness of the system during character creation, none had any Warmachine or Hordes experience, and only one had read anything of the rules. I helped them make characters by asking questions and having them make choices. They weren't sure about something seemingly so mechanically heavy after we had played more rules light systems just last week. But going through character creation they started to see what their abilities did and began creating personality as we went.

But once we started getting into the actual game it was breeze. We had to look up how a few things worked, mostly just some odd placement of rules where we couldn't find them easily.

It was weird, it was fun, and I'd say give the IKRPG a try.

Also, lighten up and go with it. I was able to get some Iron Kingdoms flavor snuck in around a lot of absurdity, so just roll with it.