Monday, January 31, 2011

After battle report - The marines take

Good Game! really enjoyed playing with my Dread army. Really interested to see what happens when Bryce gets his anti armour flying ships of doom!

MVP of the round from my side would definitly be the ironclad. Both hunter killer missiles launched, hit, penned, and then destroyed a trasport. Then it flamed the wracks on the objective.

I am a bit worried about the future becuase it was hard to keep up with the number of bodies Bryce was able to field. I feel like once he gets to 1850 it will tip the scales pretty heavily because i just dont have enough shots to kill them all.

But to the game. One thing that really played to my favor was where the orb was placed. Because it was in direct line of site of my MOF who kept getting farther and farther away to hit harder and harder. It was also right in front of my riflemen dread which worked out pretty well.

A lot of this game came down to dice rolls. Lots of lucky ones for me and Bryce couldnt make a save to save his life. One thing i definitly learned is that dreads make great tarpits!

We shall see what happens in our next game, I think its about time for a point boost since me and Bryce have some new stuff in. I still have to make 2 more dreadnought drop pods and then I will all the closer to my goal!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Battle Report One. Part 2. Turns 4 & 5.

Well it looks like the first part of the battle report was our most popular post so far.
Here is the long awaited(I like to imagine) second part.

One more time with feeling.
Turn 4:
M The ironclad and drop dread lumber into position, finally getting close enough to affect the battle again. The rifleman runs away from the bloodbrides, they only have grenades.

S The drop dread sends a massive melta beam at the wracks on the objective, they go to ground, grateful for the 3+ cover save. The master of the forge fires his conversion beamer at the bloodbrides, hitting 2 wracks and 2 bloodbrides, only one wrack Felt No Pain. Both wyches and a wrack die. The rifleman fires on the wracks, hitting 4 and wounding two, neither cover nor FNP can save them, but both units pass morale. The Ironclad runs towards the wracks on the objective, a last chance for victory.

A No assaults this turn.

Dark Eldar
M The archon, bloodbrides, and wracks move into the ruins after the rifleman dread, looking to get at the soft space marine center. The wracks on the objective move to get them all into cover, insuring a draw for the time being.

S The warriors fire their blaster at the iron clad, of course it bounces off, not slowing defeat in the slightest. The wyches run towards the rifleman, readying their shardnets.

A The archon, bloodbrides, and wracks assault the rifleman to keep themselves safe from the bullshit conversion beamer on a bike. The wyches dance around the dreadnought, one planting a haywire grenade on his leg, mobilizing him, easy pickings for next turn. The dreadnought connects and wounds with his one remaining attack, but the bloodbride lithely dodges out of the way.

A word from your humble scribe; Ok, using wyches to hunt dreads is not ideal, but if you have no choice, shardnets and haywire grenades are amazing to have. They are now auto include on my units. 15 wyches with standard leader(agonizer and blast pistol), with grenades and 3 weapons, 2 nets and 1 hydra, are the same price as 10 with same options( only two nets), in a raider with flicker field. This had to be intentional, I like the modular nature that bestows. 

Also, my archons are getting blasters from now on, and my close combat squads will pack blast pistols, there were so many times this battle I wished I had them, I think they are worth it. I don't know about blast pistols in warrior squads, I am planning on turning those into blasters for trueborn.

Turn 5:
M The Master of the forge moves back for more range, the two dreads move in for the kill on the objective holding wracks. 

S The drop dread fires on the wracks, but going to ground saves their gnarly hide from becoming bacon. The ironclad has much better luck, hitting 6 with his heavy flamer, wounding 3, only one fails FNP. The Master of the Forge fires his Macross cannon at the warriors, having the maximum range band, as it said in my game notes "Str 10 ap 2, fuck. 3 are melted". They hold though. 
A The ironclad charges into the wracks, they claw at him helplessly, he only smashes one though. But they hold. The Bloodbrides slap more grenades onto the rifleman, hitting with all 4, one penetrating the ammo hoppers of an autocannon destroying one weapon. One of the other three glances gets an immobilized result, taking out the other autocannon. He tries to hit back feebly, missing. 

Dark Eldar:
M The warriors and leftover wracks try to get as close to the other objective with the ironclad and wracks on it as possible. The last act of a desperate man, not the first act of Henry the VIIIth. 

S No shooting, nothing  is range, the warriors and wracks run, with 3 and 1 inch respectively, they won't be participating. 

A The bloodbrides blow up the rifleman, the explosion wounds three of them, they fail both saves and die. The ironclad kills another wrack, and they run, though not far and still contest the objective. 

Roll for the game ending comes up a 1. 

Jack wins 1-0.

Alright, I'm going to put up my thoughts on this defeat. I'll let Jack know I finally finished this and see if he will do an after action report as well. 

I am now really glad that my other raiders have come in the mail. The anti tank and mobility is key. A wall of AV 12 and 13, is pretty hard without that str 8 to help out. But even then, when faced with troops my infantry wrecked house, as they are supposed to. The wyches seem able to handle almost anything except getting shot at without a pain token. They are a great unit and I want to keep using some of them, though I am planning on going warrior heavy at the moment. I like the versatility they bring with differing strengths and ranges among their weapons. Also I can make trueborn with them, I want to try out a squad or two of those. 

For this game my unit of the match would be the wracks, they are able to take a lot of heat(unless it's from a flamer), when in cover. 

I have ordered another 30 warriors, 21 hellions, and 5 incubi. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Painted minis.

I've been busy lately, and will post up some pictures of our painted stuff to tide you over until I can sit down and finish up the battle report.

Jack's Codex Marines:

My test Dark Eldar.

Jack has won a few painting awards at tournaments around here, and has sold several painted armies when he gets tired of them.

I'm still not any good.

Hopefully we can get more of our forces painted up so future battle reports will look great.

She was the real winner of the game, ran off with an objective. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Battle Report One. Part 1. Turns 1-3.

Welcome to our first Dissenting Dice battle report.

This evening Jack and I played a 1000 point game, Codex Marines v. Dark Eldar.
For preliminary matters, we rolled Capture and Control (3 objectives) with Night Fight, I rolled +1 WS on my drugs. I rolled and got to choose, I chose to go second in Dawn of War.

Note: The big white cubes are objectives, and the white paper squares are Razorbacks. Also each photo is from the end of the turn.

Here Jack put down one tac squad in razorback, and his Master of the Forge on a bike with a conversion beamer. I deployed nothing and reserved both wrack units and the warrior unit.

Turn 1:

Marines 1 :
Jack brought on his second razorback, his iron clad dread, his rifleman dread, and his drop dread.
Nothing to shoot at, so things ran if able.

Dark Eldar 1:
I brought the two ravagers and the raider on, archon and bloodbrides disembarked and dropped Webway Portal.
S Raider hits and fails to pen the razorback. Left ravager stuns the razorback, and right ravager shakes the rifleman.

Turn 2:

Marines 2:
M Ironclad and drop dreads move closer to the action, Master of the Forge moves for a better firing angle.

S  A hunter killer missile from the ironclad destroys the left ravager on a 6. MoF deviates off of the bloodbrides, and the rifleman hits the right ravager twice to but fails to penetrate.

Dark Eldar 2:
M A unit of wracks comes in from reserve and moves up. The bloodbrides and archon move towards the marines.

S The raider stuns the razorback, the ravager then wrecks it, dumping the marines out in front of the hungry wracks. The wracks manage to catch 5 marines with a liquifier gun with an ap of 5, and two more with a template with ap 3, three wounds were caused and then saved, none from the ap 3, though one wrack was killed by his squads template. The bloodbrides run 3 inches.

A The wracks assault the tactical squad, dragging down one marine, only to have on of their own pulped by a powerfist. Feel No Pain s great until you don't have it.

Turn 3:

Marine 3:
M Drop dread and Ironclad move towards the action, MoF hightails it out of charge range.

S The drop dread runs 6 inches, HK from the ironclad blows up the other ravager. MoF fires at the bloodbrides again, deviating and only killing 1. The rifleman fires at the raider, hitting 3 times, 1 is saved by the flicker field, the raider is destroyed.

A Wracks do 6 wounds, killing 3, the powerfist sarge smashes 1 wrack, the marines make their morale check.

Dark Eldar 3:
M Second unit of wracks and warriors come on. Wracks move up, the warriors hide behind the WWP, I think you can do that. Bloodbrides lose 2 to the dangerous terrain of the razorback wreck.

S Warriors blaster misses the razorback, bloodbrides and archon run.

A Arhcon and bloodbrides charge, archon handily dispatches the last two marines and gives the bloodbrides their first pain token. Bloodbrides and wracks consolidate into the ruins.

List for our game

Alrighty Law School interfered as it normally does and Bryce and I didnt get our game on. BUT! today is a new day and this is the 1000 pt list Ill be rocking.

Conv Beamer
Power Sword

Dreadnought, Mutli / CCW, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannon

IronClad, x2 Hunter Killer, Heavy Flamer

6 Marines, Razorback, TL lascannon

6 Marines, Razorback, TL lascannon

Not sure how its gonna work out but Im stoked to get a game in. Ill get some pictures of my stuff up once i figure out how to load pics from my iphone. Will check back in with a battle report tonight or tomorrow! cheers

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scotch and Haemonculi

Last night with a glass of 15 year old Glennfiddich, I started painting up a couple haemoculi that I got in the mail that afternoon.

Here is the first stage, they are about half way done. Sorry for the picture quality, bad lighting and only an iPhone are to blame. My girlfriend's camera should be joining the team shortly to improve future pictures.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dark Eldar testing.

This weekend Jack and I are going to try to get a game in.
I have not gotten my order of 4 raiders in from Wayland yet, though I did just get my two haemonculi from GW, like 2 day free shipping, well played.

So using just the things I have we have been playing 1000 point games to test my dark eldar and half of his 6 dread list. I have yet to really do much, I don't have much anti tank yet, and 3 dreads and 2 or 3 rhinos. I can see a lot of potential, especially when I can get more mobility and lances.

Here's what I'll be running, this is pretty much everything I have so far.

155 Archon with agonizer, shadowfield, combat drugs, and a WWP

208 9 wyches, Hekatrix with agonizer, a shardnet, haywire grenades, and a raider with flicker field
125 10 warriors, sybarite, blaster and splinter cannon
130 10 wracks, 2 liquifier guns, acosyth
130 10 wracks, 2 liquifier guns, acosyth

Heavy Support
125 ravager night shield, flicker field

125 ravager night shield, flicker field 

I'm wanting to test out a webway portal, I bought the model, might as well use it. But with only one raider it makes running interference for the portal carrier harder. Warriors might be cool coming out hopefully within rapid fire range. 


Hey there everyone, my name is Jack.

Little about my relevant experience with Warhammer. I started about 4 years ago playing fantasy and then eventually switched over to 40k. I tend to leap from armies because I am poor and I use the proceeds from selling a completed army to start another. I have at one time owned: Orcs and Goblins, Dwarfs, Daemons of Chaos, Tau, and Space Marines.

Bryce and I are thinking that this blog will start as a posting ground for battle reports and helpful or interesting links; eventually though who knows. Thanks for stopping by Dissenting Dice. Cheers

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Started.

Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Bryce, one of the co-authors here on Dissenting Dice. I've been playing 40k for about 10 years now, still not terribly great at it, but I have a lot of fun.

Through my decade of on and off play I have had several armies, mostly since 5th. 
Started in 3rd with marines, lots of assault marines, bikes, and librarians. 
Skipped most of 4th. 
Moved to Austin Texas for college and got back in with a vengeance for 5th. Orks, and guard.

I am now in Lubbock for law school and went with a more compact space wolves force, and am playing dabbling in dark eldar.  Yes I have a problem with shiny things. 

Well that's a bit about me, hopefully someone will be interested enough to check this out. 

We intend to start with a series of battle reports cataloging our games, we are testing new designs and armies at the moment.

Perhaps articles we find interesting, our thoughts on the game, painted models and maybe some discussion of the overlap of legal study and gaming. 

Thanks, hope you'll bear with us.