Monday, July 18, 2011

WarGamesCon II

Alright, I have yet to remember to get my notes and lists out of the car, so here are more pictures of armies and thoughts on the whole enterprise.

More from Friday, there was more than 40k happening, they had Fantasy Pairs and a Flames of War tournament. Note: I've really wanted to play Flames of War, but having time, money, and opponents for 40k, though I also have some warmachine, malifaux, board games, RPGs... I have a problem.

 Such a huge book.
 The Fantasy teams seem to be much smaller than the 40k.
Protection from what? "Zee Germans"? 

Neither of us played in the main tournament, it was another $70, Jack had to work, and I had to get back to Lubbock early Sunday for class on Monday. I didn't stay long, it was hard to really cover in the midst of an ongoing tournament, and the other events either hadn't started yet or had just ended when I got there after epic breakfast at Kerbey Lane. I did snap a few pictures of some armies, people playing, the Warmachine tournament that had ended and some of the stuff for the narrative event later in the day. 

 Nice clean yellow.
 Chaos guard, mutant Valks? Yes please!
 A pretty Falcon "action shot".
 More of those beautiful purple DE from the day before.

 Never actually seen a full air cav list. That is cool looking.

One of Mars d./b./a. "The Girl's" Yme Loc big ass eldar tank, looks great. 

 This one was made by GentlebBen, and he won the above one.

Great white and yellow.

 Some goatboy art. I need to get a bag first.
Pub quiz, how many can you get?

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  1. Hey,

    Thanx for posting a pic of my Elysians! They were a lot of fun to play with and the Narrative event is my favorite part of BoLSCon.