Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wargames Con Teams, Wheres my swag?

Alright, we didn't come home covered in glory, but we had a damn fine time, thanks to BoLS for putting on another great convention, though there didn't appear to be goody bags this year either, just stop promising it guys.

Also, on the rules pack it said there was a Fluff Bunny Award, of Paint+Sportsmanship+Presentation- Battle Points, pretty sure we were in the running as we did well on the others and only scored 1 point. But this award was not awarded to anyone.

Bad stuff done, on to the pretty armies.

Here is the hall and a shot of one of the tables, pretty good for such a huge tournament, you can hide behind things, although we never got much of a chance to hide our manticore very well until the last game.

A few of the team armies.
 Eldar and Grey Knights
 All Bikes all the time.
 What won't Orks loot?
 Love the looted raiders.
 Dark/Eldar Harlequins(probabably wyches)
 Very nice DoubleWing
Carebear Army, with Seer Council and Thunderhammer Storm Shield Terminators.

 Really love the raiders and the contrast of these two.
Holy crap that's a lot of wolves.

That's all for today, a few more pictures of what else was going on and our games to come shortly.

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