Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wolf Priest, Podcasts and a List.

Hey folks,

Looks like Jack and I are up to a storm of hobby activity.

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts on my commute, usually Hitting on 3s  and recently the Heroic 28s.
Both are hometown gaming groups from Fort Worth, so that is a nice touch. Also, between the two of them they cover the full range of the hobby; from the Ho3s boys being all about having fun and hanging out, to the 28s being full of good competitive discussion and advice to bring your game up.

Here's some pictures of my fresh Wolf Priest.

After the pics and plugs, here is what I am going to take to the shop next time I get a chance to play.

Wolf Priest, Saga of the Hunter
Rune Priest, (See discussion on psychic powers supra)

10 Grey Hunters 2x Plasmaguns, Rhino
10 Grey Hunters 2x Plasmaguns, Rhino
10 Grey Hunters 2x Plasmaguns(WG 2)
10 Grey Hunters 2x Plasmaguns (WG 3)
10 Grey Hunters Meltagun, Flamer (WG 1)

1. Terminator Armor, Powerfist
2. Terminator Armor, Power Axe
3. Terminator Armor, Power Axe

Heavy Support
6 Long Fangs, 5 Missile Launchers
6 Long Fangs, 5 Missile Launchers

Fast Attack
3 Thunderwolves, 1 Powerfist, 1 Storm Shield
3 Thunderwolves, 1 Power Axe

I have forgone my customary roughly land raider price mounted Wolf Lord or two. I can get many more boots on the ground, and two thunderwolf based threats with larger numbers, though less survivabilty.

So the plan is to put my objectives in the middle, maybe a bit to each side, and go get them and make the other guy fight me for them and for his. Either as two battle groups consisting of a rhino as mobile cover and dude mover, another squad full of plasma with a terminator to tank wounds/ punch guys in the dick, and a thunderwolf unit for face eating hoping out from behind the rhino.
Or as a united force on a flank or straight up the middle as needed.

The Rune Priest might join a walking squad to provide area abilities over a chunk of the army, or go with long fangs and shoot from the back. Or he could go in with the outflanking squad. So I don't know what powers to take.

I think the army might benefit from having a mobile 5+ cover save, especially with the outflank squad then it's a 4+ in the open, also if he is with the other elements of the army he can give that bonus to a few squads marching towards the fight. For another power either Living Lightning or Murderous Hurricane(hits lots and screws up movement, oh yes.)

Or divination is also pretty generally applicable for any of the squads because they are all strong shooting, with badass counter attack and generally high melee ability.

So any thoughts on the psychic powers?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pig Iron Products Review

Hello Interwebs, I started my own law firm in November after passing the bar and have been away from the hobby, the blog, and life in general for a little while. So I hope to be a regular addition to the site again. BUT ANYWAY!

I have decided to start another guard army and wanted them to have some pizzaz! The obvious way to go about this for me was to upgrade my guardsmen by ordering some head sprues from Pig Iron Productions.

Specifically I ordered these bad boys:
I wanted to give a brief review of the product in case people were on the fence about them. In short my review is get off the damn fence and buy them. They are great quality, perfectly sized for guard, and they are cheap, like i was prepared to pay about 3x what I payed for them. After shipping them all the way to texas they ended up costing $15.00 American Dollars total and were here within 2 weeks.

They did not have any flaws on them, no cracks or mold lines at all. The only beef I really had was that it is really hard to get the metal off the bottom of the helmet where it was attached to the sprue. It took a pair of diagonal cutters, a file, some time, and all of my cunning to remove a majority of it.

However, that being said, to me thats just part of the hobby so I wouldn't knock them for it. Below I have attached some pictures of some unpainted guardsmen and some painted guardsmen with the pig iron helmet sprue.



Also, disregard the paint scheme for now, I am trying to figure out what I want to do. Thanks, Jack