Sunday, February 20, 2011

Battle Report is on the way. The next few weeks.

I have been laid low this weekend by food poisoning from a Sonic hamburger.

So the battle report from thursday is still upcoming. Jack and I both have a tests coming up on the week of the 1st, and I have an ethics exam on the 5th. So we might not be able to get much content up in the coming weeks. But that's what you get with a law student blog.

To tide ya'll over here is my space wolf army displayed before our battle thursday. The list is the one posted a few days ago.

It performed very well. I would like to try it against some other people around here though. Jack is a great opponent but some variety would shake this list out pretty well I think.

I am not entirely sold on lascannons in the long fangs squads only one hit through 5 turns. I do like that going with one less guy and weapon lets me get more saturation and redundancy. Splitting to 6 targets for a big first round is pretty nice, I would  be afraid with my dark eldar.

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