Monday, January 31, 2011

After battle report - The marines take

Good Game! really enjoyed playing with my Dread army. Really interested to see what happens when Bryce gets his anti armour flying ships of doom!

MVP of the round from my side would definitly be the ironclad. Both hunter killer missiles launched, hit, penned, and then destroyed a trasport. Then it flamed the wracks on the objective.

I am a bit worried about the future becuase it was hard to keep up with the number of bodies Bryce was able to field. I feel like once he gets to 1850 it will tip the scales pretty heavily because i just dont have enough shots to kill them all.

But to the game. One thing that really played to my favor was where the orb was placed. Because it was in direct line of site of my MOF who kept getting farther and farther away to hit harder and harder. It was also right in front of my riflemen dread which worked out pretty well.

A lot of this game came down to dice rolls. Lots of lucky ones for me and Bryce couldnt make a save to save his life. One thing i definitly learned is that dreads make great tarpits!

We shall see what happens in our next game, I think its about time for a point boost since me and Bryce have some new stuff in. I still have to make 2 more dreadnought drop pods and then I will all the closer to my goal!

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