Friday, January 21, 2011

Dark Eldar testing.

This weekend Jack and I are going to try to get a game in.
I have not gotten my order of 4 raiders in from Wayland yet, though I did just get my two haemonculi from GW, like 2 day free shipping, well played.

So using just the things I have we have been playing 1000 point games to test my dark eldar and half of his 6 dread list. I have yet to really do much, I don't have much anti tank yet, and 3 dreads and 2 or 3 rhinos. I can see a lot of potential, especially when I can get more mobility and lances.

Here's what I'll be running, this is pretty much everything I have so far.

155 Archon with agonizer, shadowfield, combat drugs, and a WWP

208 9 wyches, Hekatrix with agonizer, a shardnet, haywire grenades, and a raider with flicker field
125 10 warriors, sybarite, blaster and splinter cannon
130 10 wracks, 2 liquifier guns, acosyth
130 10 wracks, 2 liquifier guns, acosyth

Heavy Support
125 ravager night shield, flicker field

125 ravager night shield, flicker field 

I'm wanting to test out a webway portal, I bought the model, might as well use it. But with only one raider it makes running interference for the portal carrier harder. Warriors might be cool coming out hopefully within rapid fire range. 

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  1. I know this is a bit late, but those Wracks should be Elites since you don't have a Haemonculus HQ.