Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not fat. Big Boned.

It's been a while, school started and all that. 


So, now we have to learn to play fantasy and it is all this guys fault. 
Coolest mini ever. I will probably need two. From the battle report and Beasts of War, they are pretty cheap points wise. Actually all the characters seem to be fairly cheap to start with. Which is a nice balance for the high points costs of the core fat boys themselves. 

So hopefully I can puts lots of magicy and fighty characters in with my blocks of ogres, though with this army the split is not so exact. 

The main box comes with 6 ogres, 6 ironguts, and 4 lead blechers. So that appears to be a nice balanced start to an army. I want at least 1 more caster, a BSB and maybe a big smashy dude. A couple more blocks of ogres and some monsters and one of those multi shot cannons should round it out nicely. 

Also the thunder tusk is a pretty bad ass model, appearance and stats wise, it adds some shooting to the army with an inherent stone thrower and a guy shooting from it's back, and has a 6in aura of always strike last, a BIG help to the slow and steady ogres. 

So expect a lot of fantasy stuff in the near future. 

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