Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final Count Down.

Doodeedoodoo, doo doo doo, doodeedoodoo....

In two weeks I leave for Austin to play in the WarGames Con team tournament with Jack.


I still need to finish up painting and basing a few more Thunderwolf Cavalry, and a 10 man 2x plasma grey hunter squad to play random games on Saturday with.

This weekend, it's paint time.

Here is a Thunderwolf Cav with magnetized shield I did the other day.

Here is an update on Jack's progress from last week. 

Also, here is what Jack and I are bringing to War Games Con.

HQ 1000 pts
260  Wolf Lord, Thunderwolf , Rune Armor, Storm Shield , thunderhammer , Saga of the   Bear
100 Rune Priest, living lightning, tempests wrath

115 5 Grey  hunters, Meltagun, Rhino
115 5 Grey  hunters, Meltagun, Rhino

Fast Attack
270 3x TWC, 3x Storm Shield, Powerfist, meltabomb

Heavy Support
140 6 long fangs, 5 missiles

HQ  1000pts
70 Primaris Psyker

155 Veterans, 3x meltaguns , chimera
155 Veterans, 3x meltaguns, chimera
140 Veterans, 3x flamers, chimera
170 Veterans,  3x plasma guns, chimera

Heavy Support
150 Leman Russ, HB
160 Manticore 

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