Monday, June 6, 2011

Dice Bucket For The Win

Hey everyone! I am in fact not dead. Been working a ton and decided to get to work about 30 min early so I could have sit down and tell you guys about something that was huge for Bryce and I.

Since Wayland games is no longer an option for us Americans Bryce found a new online store, Dice Bucket. Wanted everyone to know that they were great! Cheaper than GW online and delivery took about 5 days. So if anyone else what devistated by the loss of Wayland then I know my reccomendation is to hit up dice bucket.

On a side note, WarCon Doubles tournament is officially on for dissenting dice! The wolves and the guard will get the chance to get to demolished on a more grand scale than normal.

As long as it goes better than the game where Bryce beat me 14 kp to 0 I will consider it a win.

P.S. I also just saw that they now ship internationally. -bp 

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