Friday, June 10, 2011


Alright, I think I am going to get into Malifaux. I can print the book at school for cheap, I can get the models for below retail online. It's fucking cool, rules, models, and concept wise.

Additionally, it uses cards instead of dice to resolve effects during the game, innovative no?

Let's do this.

I'm planning on buying Leviticus to be my main crew, you want him to die almost every turn so you can draw new cards and bring him back to life. How cool is that? He can only use undead, constructs and soulless minions, so that is actually a big chunk of the range. From samurai punk zombies, to a voltron-esque abomination of 4 models that spawn when Leviticus kills things, he has some variety. His spells are super powerful, and he takes damage to cast them, which helps with the whole you want him to die thing.
He spawns from that lovely lady on the bottom of the picture, a hollow waif, when he dies he respawns in contact with one of them(you can have two on the board at once), and he cannot actually die unless they are dead when he dies.

So pretty cool huh?

I am also planning on getting another crew starter box so that I can do demo games, and have some variety, I also am going to join the Henchmen program once I get those together and painted.

But I don't know what to get. I think I want some guild also, I like a lot of their stuff, Lady Justice, Sonia Criid, or Lucius(he has a lawyer!), are all really cool. I also think the Freikorp are badass, and Seamus with his undead hookers is pretty sweet.

But I sort of want something simple so that I can do demo games, but every model seems to have some interesting complexity(a very good thing), so I don't know what to get.

Any advice on which second crew to get?

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