Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tourney Season: WGC

Alright, here is the what I am thinking of taking to WargamesCon in Austin this July, I also will be playing in Wasteland Wars here in Lubbock in September, and I want to try my hand at 'Ard Boyz up here in August. So this will be a tournament filled summer. Just need to get things painted.
Wargames is 2000, Wasteland is 1850, and 'Ard Boyz is 2500, I plan to essentially make variations of this list as I really like the elements that are in it.

But today we are starting with Wargames Con, as it is first.

Here is my 1999 point Space Wolf list, I have a few variations that I will put at the bottom, let me know what you think.

So, it's pretty simple, no tricks, just reliable units. That's what I like. A rune priest for disruption(skimmers/BA jumpers/Grey Knights) and defense. Two bags of hammers. Four troops that can handle most things, 4 plasma guns as I am NOW scared of terminators. Scouts to harass, annoy and blow up tanks, speeders to do the same, as well as contest last minute.  Finally some long fangs, you know what they do.

HQ 100+45+30+20+30+35=
260 Wolf lord, 100, TW 45, SS 30, rune armor 20, thunder hammer 30, saga of the bear 35
105 Rune priest, tempest's, lightning, meltabomb

129 3x Wolf guard, powerfist/ combi-melta
85 5x scouts, meltagun

160 8x grey hunters, meltagun, rhino 
175 9x grey hunters, meltagun, rhino 
195 10x grey hunters, 2x plasmaguns, rhino
195 10x grey hunters, 2x plasmaguns, rhino 

Fast Attack
270 3x TWC , 3x Storm Shields, Powerfist , meltabomb 
70 Speeder, Multi Melta/ Heavy Flamer
70 Speeder, Multi Melta/ Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support
145 5 long fangs, 2 missiles, 2 lascannons
140 6 long fangs 5 missiles

Alternatively, for the Wolf Lord I could take him on a wolf, with shield, armor, a wolf claw, and saga of the beast slayer, for 225 and save 35 points, but I don't think he would his as hard or stand up to as much punishment, but would be more effective against infantry in general.


  1. Drop the scouts and spread the points or focus them and give the Sergeant a PF or Melta bombs.

  2. Oh I guess ti's not obvious to a non space wolf player. The Wolf Guard, with combi meltas and powerfists are attached to the 2 melta grey hunter squads, and the scouts. So the scouts have a meltagun, a combi melta, and a powerfist.

    Space wolves can't have sergeants. You can just add wolf guard to most squads to get Ld9, but you have to choose between that or two special weapons.