Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Alright, due to the anomalous non Ordo Malleus Inquisitors in the Grey Knights Codex, I had the idea to make an Ordo Xenos force using the book. Basically Grey Knights count as Deathwatch marines.

So Coteaz to unlock henchmen troops. A xenos inquis for the crazy stuff they can take. The Purifiers are elite Deathwatch with some sort of alien conflagration generator. Psycannons are represented by suspensor assisted heavy bolters, and incinerators are heavy flamer models. The various force weapons are either just included and make them awesome or stand in for other things like a powerfist(daemonhammer), or maybe an eldar spear for the halberds. The general idea is to combat squad one of the purifiers and put coteaz with some psycannons to fire at deep strikers. The other inquisitor will go with the last henchmen squad that is tooled up.

HQ 1850(30 points left)

100 Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor (Coteaz)
97 Xenos inquis, power armor, psyhotroke grenades, rad grenades, 3 servo skulls , power weapon , needle pistol

349 Deathwatch Heavy Assault Squad (Purifiers) x10 , 4 psycannons, rhino , powerfist(daemonhammer) , Special(psybolt) Ammo , 2 phase halberds 
329 Deathwatch Heavy Assault Squad (Purifiers) x10  , 2 psycannons ,  2 incinerators , rhino , powerfist(daemonhammer) , Special Ammo , 2 phase halberds 

172 Henchmen squad Chimera , 3 jokaero , 3 warriors 
172 Henchmen squad Chimera, 3 jokaero , 3 warriors
132 Henchmen squad rhino , 3 x (warrior , meltaguns ), 5 warriors, 2 assassins 
132 Henchmen squad rhino , 3 x (warrior, meltaguns), 5 warriors, 2 assassins
202 Henchmen squad Rhino , 2 x(warriors , meltaguns 2), 1 (warrior , flamer), 4 assassins, 4 crusaders 

Heavy Support
135 Ancient Antimon, 2x TLAC , plasma(psybolt) ammo

Whatcha think?

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