Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't hate the gamer, hate the prices.

Alright, y'all may have noticed the ads we have been putting up recently. The adsense has been up for a while, and has made $0.36. They are clutter, annoying, and unproductive, so I have removed them.

Now, we are not in this to make money, and it doesn't cost us anything to maintain the blog, but buying new models and supplies does cost money.

We have opened an Amazon aStore, the link over there on the right with the basics for the armies that we play, Black Library books and Warhammer RPGs. If anything is ordered through Amazon from there, we get a small part of it back.

Mostly it's just products that I would recommend, as I either own the RPGs or have read many of the books.
Basically I am sharing things that I like in a way that might make us a couple bucks so we can buy the new stuff to showcase here on the blog.

So if you see anything on there that looks good, let me tell you it is. All those items have the DissentingDice stamp of approval*.

*Approval does not grant any warranty express or implied.

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