Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Space Wolves, Painted!

Alright, first step on the road to WARGamesCon.

Here's a complete space wolf squad 10 Grey Hunters, 2 meltaguns and a Wolf Guard with Combi Melta and Powerfist.

Jack did most of the work and basing, we are trading IG for painted my army. I did some finishing touches and made some changes from what the test model was.
As usual sorry, we mostly just have iphones to do pictures with, so they suck a bit.

Also, it really seems that most of my hobby photos have a can of PBR in the background..... Maybe I should find some stickers for my Rhino top hatches.

1000 points.

225 Wolf lord, TW, SS, Rune armor, frost blade, melta bomb
100 Rune Priest Tempest's Wrath, living lightning 

75 5 grey hunters, plasma gun, rhino
75 5 grey hunters, plasma gun

Fast Attack
235 3x TWC, 2x SS, PF, one plain
235 3x TWC, 2x SS, PF, one plain


  1. Would dropping the rune priest give you enough points to give both grey hunter's squads razorbacks?

  2. Then we would have no psychic defense, and tempests wrath is just handy.
    Taking the meltabomb off the lord would let me get a heavy bolter razorback for one of the squads.

    But then the priest can't shoot out of it if we face a non jump/ skimmer/ drop army.