Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thunderwolves Ho!

I got 4 new chaos knights from a guy up at the shop the other night. Here is what I did with them. One is a wolf lord/ TWC with a storm shield and wolf claw. The others are my standard 1 powerfist/ storm shield, 1 storm shield, and 1 meltabomb/storm shield. I am going to magnetize the shields on the last ones so I can shave some points if need be. 

 Here is a picture of the wolf lord, and also a closer shot of my super crappy but getting better greenstuff work to make his pelt flap in the wind. 

Also here is my newest balanced version of my half of out team list. Thoughts? 

230 Wolf Lord 100, TW 45, Rune Armor 20, SS 30, Frost Weapon 25, Saga of the Beast Slayer 10
100 Rune Priest, living lightning, tempests wrath

115 5 Grey  hunters 75, Meltagun 5, Rhino 35
115 5 Grey  hunters 75, Meltagun 5, Rhino 35

Fast Attack
270 3x TWC 150, 3 SS 90, Pf 25, meltabomb 5

Heavy Support
170 6 long fangs 90, 3 missile launchers 30, 2 lascannons 50


  1. I'm loving the hammers and mace, are they from the Chaos Knights?

    I am making some Thunderhoof cavalry for my Templars, using the same steeds as you.
    Much cheaper than even the aftermarket TW going around.

    Are you 'deleting' the Chaos symbols on the horses?


    I think Las cannons cost too much on Fangs. I use them all the time in my Templars, but mine cost 15 pts, not 25 pts.

    Missile spam all the way!

  2. Hi I linked to this site from 3++. Glad you put the long fangs in. It should really help suppress or destroy vehicles, which will help your TWC, by having less units shooting at them and more troops to eat/attack. Those lascannons might really help against av12+ and also effective against Terms, so don't be so quick to switch back.
    As a wolf player myself just have to say that wolfclaws on the wolflord rock, with rerolls to hit, his high WS and str 5 means that he can charge a squad of 5 marines and wipe them without taking any hits. It performs better than a frostblade, especailly as you don't have the extra attack for frost blade as you have stormshield, less likely to be held up by any squads he tries to put in your way to protect his juicy targets. Also you can reroll to hit vehicles so even there is helps. If you change to wolfclaw and get rid of beastslayer, with the 15 pts you can put the 3rd TWC with meltabombs on his own and give him a wolfclaw instead of MB. This 1 TWC with SS and wolfclaw is mobile anti-infantry, can really help where needed without moving all your TWC. Handy against troops on his own as should cause enough wounds to win combat against most non-elite troops. Just any idea to give you more targets for your enemy to worry about and 4 more str 5 power weapon attacks. Good luck

  3. Hey, great to see more people coming to check us out, thanks for the input.

    I am a little leery of single TWC. Also, only Str 5 on the wolf lord, that just feels a little low. For infantry it's not a problem, but that 6 really makes a difference and opens up a lot of death for more things. Tyranid monsters and wounded on a 4+, standard infantry are wounded on 2+ not 3+(marines are standard, sigh).

    Though in theory I could have three separate thunder wolves with shields and fists/hammers/ wolf claws. But I think that might be a bit too easy to take off the board.

    Though with the right weapons and even one bad roll a squad evaporates.

    Regarding lascannons, our overall list is lacking in ranged fire support, but it has lots of melta, so I thought a couple of lascannons would help slow down a landraider if we come across one, and really mess up dark eldar, and help with transports.

  4. Regarding the loss of 1 str on the lord if you change to wolfclaw. Well against high toughness, you can reroll to wound, which is better than +1 str. 5s to wound with reroll is better than 4s.
    The same goes for shooting, if you got twinlinked it is better than have +1 to your BS.
    You might be thinking you can't harm walkers now with the lord, well you want to avoid him as one wound from his ccw and you get instant dead wolflord. I never want to take a str 10 hit on my lord with only a 3+ save between him and instant death.
    You need to shoot that ccw weapon off or get the PF TWC in there to save the day.
    Also if you keep beastslayer you get to reroll to hit and to wound the big Tyranids with wolfclaw :)

    Regarding a lone TWC, well he's hard to take down without ap1 or ap2 weapons, which takes the heat off your lord or other TWC, or running him down a flank puts the other player on his toes. The more decisions the opposition has to make the better chance he'll make a mistake or have to change his plans. If it stops him moving some rhinos or chimeras into midfield cause he has to spend a turn shooting him to hell then that has benefits apart from 1 dead wolf. Also he can make a great defense counter attack unit backfield to protect the guard manticore or other backfield firepower/objectives if the enemy decides to come too close with outflanks/deepstrikes. I guess it's all personal taste.

  5. Knowing much less about wolves than the others posting on here I would say I really like the lascannons. I also agree that your lord should avoid walkers until the CCW can be blown off. Glad to see the long fangs making a return, they ruin peoples day.

  6. I think the long fangs would be more effective than two multimelta/ heavy flamer speeders.

    But really our anti tank is a swarm of melta vets, and a manticore, now with the long fangs I think we have a more diverse and comprehensive anti tank strategy.