Friday, March 4, 2011


Galaxy in Flames has a great rule set for skirmish level 40k that Jack and I are going to try out soon. So look for that maybe in the coming weeks, but we've got the MPRE tomorrow and spring break is in two weeks.

But here is my 250 point team and some pictures of work I did on them last night. I still need to put together a plasma gunner and another bolter guy.

Team Leader
Wolf guard, plasma pistol , power weapon , brawler (+1 to wound in close combat)

Lone wolf , terminator armor, powerfist 
Longfang , heavy bolter 
Longfang, heavy bolter 
Grey hunter, flamer 
Grey hunter , plasma gun 
Grey hunter, Mark of the Wulfen 
Grey hunter 
Grey hunter
Fenrisian wolf, Ferocious Leap (assault grenades)

This has a good mix of close combat and shooting, as well they are the Emperors swiss army knives with bolters, pistols, and close combat weapons. But having a flamer for the dense terrain recommended, and the two plasma guns for hard targets are nice. The heavy bolters are in a pair as then I can use them for a long fang squad, though I am not so certain about mixing ranges. But in this context they are awesome. 

I would like to make this a campaign mordheim style. I think I could basically port over the mordheim rules, but all marines start at 8 experience, and Team leaders use the hero table. 

Or just say whatever and play small scale 40k. That might be best to start with. 

Here's what I did last night. 

Here we have most of the band, from the front left, flamer guy, wulfen berserker, team leader. Middle, bolter guy and lone wolf terminator. In the back is the wolf and both long fangs. 

Here is a close up of the flamer and team leader. I used a devastator melta bomb to make a high capacity flamer tank. I think it looks pretty good. 

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