Sunday, March 27, 2011

SKULLS FOR... a good deal!

Alright, just in case y'all have not heard of them or seen the latest in a long line of awesome from Mister Justin over at you need to. 

This is a great company, I actually ordered from their opening sale a year or so ago, the brass runes are scattered all over my Wolves. 

Great customer service, great value. OK enough hype, just go look and buy. On to the cool new thing. 


That is what you get in a 2oz order, for $15. 

Here is how they stack up to a 40k sized human.  Looks like it would fit to me. 
Well, there is a dose of coolness, order some and check out their HUGE selection of bases and other conversion parts. I have a couple of the Runic Mountain set for my Wolf Lords, just not had time to get them painted up yet. 

Seriously go order some. 

All images are property of Secret Weapon Miniatures. 

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