Monday, February 21, 2011

Battle Report #2

Game Set Up:
Kill points, spear head, jack wins roll goes second.

Space Wolves Turn 1
Moving: Basically Everything except the long fangs move up.

Shooting: Long fang all missiles split to Razorback and Speeder, The razorback is immobilized and shaken, Speeder gets exploded! The other long fangs shoot at a Rhino, scoring two glances but landing no damage. Third set of Long fangs take aim at a Rhino but it is out of range. Wolf Riders run!

Assault: none yet

Space Marines Turn 1
Movement: 2 Drop Pods come down with MM Dreads. One Rhino moves up some.

Shooting: MM Dread shoots at Rhino, Crew is shaken. Tac Squad Missile misses its mark, another Tac squad glances a rhino to no avail. 3rd Tac squad Pens a rhino, only to shake them, The ironclad launches a hunter killer missile that neither hunts nor kills kills.

Assault: none yet

Space Wolves Turn 2
Movement: Everything but Long Fangs barrels toward Space Marine Deployment!

Shooting: Back long fangs shoot at dread in back, 2 pens, 1 glance, blows up not killing anything around it. 2nd Long Fangs shoot at other drop dread, 1 glance, 2 pens, weapon destroyed, cant shoot, MM destroyed. 3rd long fangs shoot into rhino, 2 pens, 1 glance, Immobilized!
Lord Runs 1”, 3 Cavalry Run 4”, Battle Leader Runs 6”

Assault: Lord Charges Rhino, 2 glances, 1 pen. Immobilized again so weapon destroyed! The Battle Leader Charges Unit from Razorback, killing 3 marines, marines put 6 normal attacks on wolves and 2 power fist attacks on lord, 1 wound to wolves, wolves kill 1 marine, both die. Lord makes his save and wins by 2. Marines Hold and the combat will continue at a later date!

Space Marines Turn 2
Move: Dread 3 does not come in. Marines get out of middle rhino move towards wolf lord.

Shooting: Dread flames long fangs causing 2 wounds, both are saved. Tac Squad in Rhino shoots missile into Wolf rhino and misses. Other Tac squad Missile takes a shot at Wolf Rhino, scoring a Pen, but then rolls a cant move or shoot.
Tac Squad fires into cavalry, all hit causing 3 wounds, all are saved. Another Tac Squad takes shot into Lord causing 2 wounds, both are saved. Ironclad fires hunter killer missile into Rhino, it glances then shakes the crew. MOF fires Conversion beamer at right long fangs. Scatters pretty far, causes 1 str 8. Wound, Long Fangs fail cover and leader dies.

Assault: Dread assaults long fangs. Combat squad charges lord who counter chargers. Dread hits one, kills one. Battle with Battle Leader continues on to the tune of 1 lost marine and no wounds to Battle Leader, Marines don’t panic. The battle between the lord and the tac squad see the wolves doing 2 wounds, killing one marine; Marines kill one wolf in return. Power Fist attacks mist, lord kills 3 marines. Marines Run but die due to no retreat rules.

Space Wolves Turn 3
Movement: Wolves pile out of immobilized rhino, Cavalry Moves up, Lord Runs toward Space Marine deployment, Wolves pile out of immobilized rhino in board center.

Shooting: Long fangs shoot at TL Auto cannon dread, 3 pens, Destroyed. Wolves shoot at Ironclad, glances, no move no shoot. Rune Priest shoots living lighting at other TL Auto cannon dread, 4 hit, 1 glance, Weapon Destroyed. Long Fangs shoot at ironclad, 3 missiles and a las, 2 missiles hit, 1 glance, cover saved.
Cavalry run 4”, Lord Runs 3”

Assault: Lord charging rhino, Thunder wolves charging other rhino, Battle Leader fight marines, killing one, Power fist wound saved. Marines Lose by 3 but hold on to fight again. Cavalry Blows up Rhino, Dreadnought doesn’t wound Long Fangs.

Space Marine Turn 3
Movement: Drop Dread doesn’t come in. MOF moves laterally, to get better shot. Last Tac Squad also moves into better position.

Shooting: Marines shoot at lord causing 2 bolter wounds and 1 missile wound. Bolters are saved but the lord takes one wound from missile. Tac squad shoots missile at Rhino with Rune Priest but misses. MOF shoots conversion beamer at back long fangs, scores 3 hits, rolls 3 1’s for my strength 10 wound role.

Assault: Full marine squad assaults lord, he counter charges. Wolf causes one wound then takes 1 wound and dies, lord kills 3 marines and takes a power fist wound that he saves. Battle Leaders continues combat and kills all but the captain who puts a power fist wound on him. Drop Dread misses all attacks.

Space Wolves Turn 4
Movement: Rune Priest Splits off from his Unit. Cavalry Moves up, Lord Moves up.

Shooting: Long fangs shoot at Razorback causing 2 pens and a glance, Razorback gets wrecked.
Rune Priest shoots lighting at drop pod, causing a pen which leaves the drop pod unable to shoot! Oh no! Wolves shoot into Drop Pod, causing no hits. Long Fangs shoot into Master of the Forge, 2 wounds, 2 Saves, Wolves fire into Iron clad, Melta misses him.
Cav runs 1”

Assault: Wolves into drop pod, nothing happens. Wolves into Ironclad, 1 wound against wolves, I pen against Ironclad, push. Drop Dread v. Wolves, 1 wound to wolves. Battle Leader kills of Last of the Razor marines. Lord take no wounds and kills 3, blocks power fist. Marine Squad loses their resolve, panics, and runs off the board.

Space Marines Turn 4
Movement: Drop Dread fails to show up.

Shooting: Tac Squad shoots at lord, causing 4 wounds which the lord saves. Auto cannon dread sets his remaining auto cannon on the approaching cavalry causing 1 wound that was saved. Conversion Beamer hits and kills 2 people with strength 10 blast.

Assault: Long Fangs take a wound from Drop Dread and run! Drop Pod gets wrecked.

Space Wolves Turn 5
Movement: All Cavalry move toward surviving unites.

Shooting: Basically the entire wolf army that isn’t chasing down the space marine MOF shoots at a dread and wrecks it.

Assault: Lord and leader don’t make it far enough charging through terrain at combat squad. Cavalry charge MOF, and multi charge dread. Hit 7 times with 2 on MOF, he does nothing back, killed at int 4 by 2 rends. Dread fluffs both attacks, Power Fist hits dread causing 2 pens which leaves him stunned. Ironclad kills 2 marines. Wolf guard misses, they run, get away 6 inches.

Marines Turn 5
Movement: None

Shooting: Combat squad shoots lord. 2 wounds saves. Iron clad flames marines kills none.

Assault: Cavalry blow up dread, one get wounded in blast and fails to save. Ironclad assault hunters . kills 2 more, they run again.

End of Game Score
Wolves – 14 kill points (Holy Hell)
Space Marines – 0 kill points.

End of Game thoughts:
Holy crap I got my ass kicked! I think the big deal with this game was that I could not for the life of me pop transports. And because I was running a 6 dread list I didn’t really have the bodies to have real crowd control.
Bryce played very well and I just got stomped. Plus I hate his lord, he makes me want to kick babies!

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  1. That 3rd drop dread was supposed to come in automatically turn 5, but it didn't really matter much any more.

    Over all, the jack had the firepower but it just didn't connect or do much.

    I need to work on deployment, I had put my long fangs too far back to really do much, I guess I should have known that Jack was was going to make me come to him under fire.

    I'm not very good with a spear head deployment, it' something I need to work on in my game. I could have overlapped fields of fire more, and not been so gung ho with my rhinos being as far forward as they can be.

    The cavalry are the killers in this list, they need to be up from, the grey hunters in rhinos are a swiss army knife of versatility. Scoring, mobile, 2 melta shots for one turn and a power fist along with all the attacks. They can do a little bit of everything from up close.

    The long fangs needed to be deployed much better, and I didn't have to be so aggressive with the rhinos. They could have come out from the sides of the spearhead box with their speed, the flat out cross country speed is not matched by anything else in the army. I gave up a few good rounds of anti tank fire for rhinos that really didn't do all that much without objectives to go after.

    The cavalry units really just ate everything. They can get bogged down as evidenced by the battle leader.