Monday, February 14, 2011

Ard Boyz?

Alright, I don't know if either of the stores up here are doing Ard Boyz, but here is what I would take if they do. Basically this is most of what I have, I have another 10 grey hunters on sprue, and another rhino.
I also have a scout squad with a meltagun, but I usually forget about them either to bring them or once they get there.

So I have three heavy hitters, 4 durable mobile scoring units, a good bit of psychic power and defense, a lot of suppression fire down range, and can throw templates if I need to, as well as fists and melta spread around, and the speeders for mobile melta/ flamer.


245 Wolf lord, thunder wolf , storm shield , thunder hammer , rune armor , 2x wolves 
240 Wolf lord , thunder wolf , storm shield , frost blade , rune armor , 2x wolves 
245 Njal
150 Rune Priest, Master of Runes, Tempests Wrath, Living lightning. 

114 3 wolfguard w powerfists
170 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino , wolf standard 
170 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino , wolf standard 
170 8 grey hunters , melta , rhino, wolf standard 
195 10 grey hunters , 2x plasmaguns, rhino

Fast Attack
70 Speeder , MM , HF 
70 Speeder , MM , HF 
205 3 TWC , 1 powerfist , 1 stormshield 

Heavy Support
140 6 long fangs, 5 missile launchers 
155 6 long fangs, 4 missiles , 1 lascannon 
155 6 long fangs , 4 missiles , 1 lascannon 


  1. Good God man, I want nothing to do with this list, ill cheer you on at Ard Boys but I wont be making a showing!

  2. Normal Space Wolves list. If you want to up some shooting power change out to add in razorbacks on the Long Fangs. Gives you another lascannon too.

    The TWC need all Storm Shields. And you don't need the second Rune Priest as Njal will do everything you need him to do. Give the WG combi-meltas as you need them to get two melta shots per Grey Hunter squad.

    Drop Rune Priest - 150
    Add in 3 Combi-Meltas - 15
    Add in 2 Storm Shields - 60
    Pts Left = 75
    Add in Saga of the Bear and Warrior on the lords = 70

    5 pts left - do a little dance and ignore the razorbacks I said to put in.

  3. Thanks for taking a look Thomas.

    Good point on the shields, that will just piss people off. Especially up here from what I've seen.

    So I would say put the bear on the hammer lord and warrior on the blade lord.