Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ogre Mages Complete

Well, I've built and painted my Ogre wizards that follow different aspects of the Maw. 

First we have the Death wizard, he cares as much about the taking of the life as about the eating of the body. He even makes sure that his prey is dead before he eats it. Quite a blessing for those that he grabs really. 

True to the plans laid out in the last post, I went with a voodoo/ Los Muertos theme, and it came out well I think. This also seems to be the only way to get more power dice using this guy, can't wait to try him out. 

Next we have the Beasts wizard, he is concerned with the beasts that the Ogres hunt and eat, maybe he used to be a Hunter before he felt the call of the Maw.

He will be great for providing +1 S and T to a big ol unit of Ogres and characters, or maybe even better a unit of Mournfangs( the spell is even easier to cast on them!). 

I didn't really have much of an idea what to do with him, but once the owner of our local Stormcrow Games offered that the skull should fit on his head with minimum effort, I took off from there. Aaron while not only being a game shop owner and a great guy, also has a painting service Stormcrow Studios

I hope you can see the rusty gut plate. I'm crap at picture taking, sorry. 

Finally we have the eye on the sky Heavens wizard, always on the look out for another comet sent to punish the Ogre race. 

I really think this is a cool lore, not all about offense, but about support, giving wide swaths re-rolls, or making my opponents army re-roll its needed high rolls. But there are a few nice zappy spells, and of course the comet, which is really in keeping with Ogres fluff I feel. Though with me needing to get close and charge for full effect, a big boom in the middle of the enemy night hurt, but it will be cool. 

This guy much like the death one turned out pretty much just like I planned. 

Well, I am going to a review of what I think about the army so far, but I need to get in more games. 


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