Friday, June 3, 2011

Loss and Gain.

The only game shop with product (however little) for sale here in Lubbock Texas has closed.

Not sure where to play now, the other shop has become merely a production and testing company for some card fighting game that they bought from Fantasy Flight. I don't know if they allow people to come and use the tables they might still have.

So it seems I had better make friends around here.

But enough sadness, check out what I looted(purchased) from the wreckage of Challenge Games.

I got basically all of their Mordheim terrain and boards. All ruined buildings, and cobblestone boards.

Here is the shot of all of it at the store, plus 7 paints, for $75.
Sadly the tables were too big for me to transport or get through the door of my place, so I didn't get one, guess we're going to have to build.

Here are a few pieces of the cobblestone and all the Mordheim ruins on a 3x3 kitchen table.

Here we see all of the cobblestone portions laid out. There are 5 2x2 squares, 2 1x2's, and 3 1x2's with raised portions and a couple extra raised sections that need man hole covers or wells.  So you can make a wide variety of table sizes. 

Here is an example of making multiple levels with the ramps, featuring Khaleesi, the cutest warsphinx ever.

Finally, the kitten demonstrates how to maneuver between the three raised sections in this close up of them. 

So now the question is, Mordheim or Cutlass? 

Or does anyone know of another cool skirmish/campaign historical or fantasy game with great rules and models? 

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  1. My group has really been enjoying Coreheim.