Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ok, so KIRBY has got me thinking about bikes while studying for finals (had my first today, and two more the next two days). I like space marine bikes, I used to have a bunch of them during 3rd ed with my codex marines, along with two full assault squads. I took those and as many marines as I could along with at least 1 librarian, I'm still a sucker for lots of boots on the ground and psychic powers.

(I want a skull gear stick)

I like fast attack, but this has become thunder wolves and speeders instead of bikes and jump troops with my current space wolf usage. Blood claws and bikers, they are good, they hit just as well and have many more attacks, but I just don't like them getting punched so easily on the return swing. So my love of 12in movement has been lessened, but sometimes I just wish I could justify sky and swift claws. Though with how Jack's assault squad performed time and again, I just don't know how effective that is.

Alright here is the point of all of this. If I had lots and lots of money that I had to spend on gaming stuff, here is the list I would be running.

180 Captain, bike, artificer armor, relic blade
290 Command squad, bikes, 1) powerfist, storm shield 2) storm shield 3) lightning claw 4) storm shield 5) apothecary
135 Librarian, bike, null zone, force dome

285 8 Bikes, 2 meltaguns, attack bike milti melta
285 8 Bikes, 2 meltaguns, attack bike milti melta
285 8 Bikes, 2 meltaguns, attack bike milti melta
195 5 bikes, 2 plasma, powerfist
195 5 bikes, 2 plasma, powerfist

That's 44 bikes, 37 scoring troops that can comprise 8 scoring units. A combat unit with storm shields and feel no pain, that sounds like fun, and a librarian to disrupt and protect. Making my thunder wolves re-roll those 3++ saves would make me very sad I know that for sure.


  1. I run lists like this all the time. Here's how I would adjust it:

    1) Khan. Why not pay 25pts more, get a better weapon, better statline, a hit and run command squad and the entire army can outflank.

    2) make each bike unit 4 bikers strong plus a MM attack bike. They're 175pts a piece. Add PF as needed. 30 Scoring bikers instead of 34 which frees up points for:

    3) Attack bike squads. These are pure gold. No, they don't score. Instead, you run them as suicide units to wipe out heavy armor.

    4) Drop the storm shields on the command squad. You're not going to care if these guys take a hit or not. I load mine up with Plasma and a few lightning claws and run them around the board wiping out units silly enough to go out into the open. Relentless allows you to rapid fire 8 shots, the apothecary keeps it so only one in 36 shots kills a marine, and then you assault with furious charge from Khan. If anything survives, you can h&r away as needed.

  2. So much toughness 5. That would be a tough list to bring down for sure

  3. I guess the lots of storm shields is because I feel they are so cheap, I'm used to 30 points for one with space wolves. Thought I guess on 1 wound models that don't also have a 2+ and are close combat terminators they are a bit expensive.

    I can also see the utility of dropping 2 or 4 bikes from each of the troops. That gets me another troop or two.

    Also, I don't think the apothecary can take wargear, correct?

  4. If you like the bikes, don't ignore the option for Scouts. Scouts have some added benefits and cost a bit less. Damien Garcia played a squad of bikes at Adepticon and said it was the most fun he's had with any unit in 40k, ever.

    Just a thought. Good luck with the unit!

    How'd you do on Finals?

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