Friday, May 20, 2011

Tournaments & Paint

Alright, here is a combo army list- painted stuff post.

I think I am going to head to the Railhead Rumble in Dallas June 11-12.

It's a good thing I got a lot of stuff done, here is the overall shot of my finished infantry, squad by squad close ups are coming soon.

We've got wolf guard and special weapons up front, scouts and long fangs to the left and the rest are regular grey hunters.

Here is what I am thinking of taking for the 2000 point 7 game extravaganza at an anime convention.

260 Wolf lord,  Thunder Wolf , Storm Shield, rune armor, thunder hammer, saga of the bear
105 Rune priest, tempest's, lightning, meltabomb

129 3x Wolf guard, powerfist/ combi-melta
85 5x scouts, meltagun(wolf guard attached)

160 8 grey hunters 120, meltagun, rhino(wolf guard attached)
175 9 grey hunters, meltagun, rhino(wolf guard attached)
195 10 grey hunters, 2x plasmaguns, rhino
195 10 grey hunters, 2x plasmaguns, rhino

Fast Attack
270 3x TWC, 3x SS 90, Powerfist , meltabomb
70 Speeder, MM/ HF
70 Speeder, MM/ HF

Heavy Support
145 5 long fangs, 2 missiles, 2 lascannons
140 6 long fangs 5 missiles


  1. Nice colour scheme man.
    I'm just starting out so can't comment on your list but yeah I like the army =]

  2. And you say you cant paint. Also, 11 longfangs is gonna be nasty

  3. I just worry that 11 won't be enough.