Friday, May 31, 2013

Alamo GT Part 3, Day Two

Hey folks,

After Saturday Jack and I were tired and thought maybe a few less beers would help our rankings.

I was floating around the middle all weekend, Jack ended up in the overflow room that I termed "The Alamo Centre for Kids Who Can't Roll Dice So Good". It was actually a pretty sweet set up, laid back, well air conditioned, and quiet. I was jealous, the guys in here were hoping they didn't do so well to get bumped up to the main room for game 5.

Here's some more army shots.

 These were the Eldar I faced in game 5.

 John Wayne's Necrons.


 He said it's not hard if you start with the green. Sure.

 Holy crap I want this and all the rest of them. When I win the lotto, Heresy army.
 I think this is the only picture I have of the great looking White Scars, that I played game 4.

 Just marvel at the subtle blending on these tyranids. These picture don't do them justice.

I forgot to take any pictures of game four, it was against a cool guy named Yon, with White Scars. It was my only win. Due mostly to the mission type and getting some good psychic powers that helped me negate night fighting the first turn and start wiping out bike squads turn one. This was the only game that my army ran on all cylinders, everything came up Milhouse. I claimed the objective and secondary, getting max points. 

I only got a few pictures of this game, I forget the guys name, but he had a mostly wraith Eldar army and beat Jack round one. It was a rough kill point game. I didn't take the initiative and go for the throat, I should have tried. It didn't work out very well for me. This is the only shot I got of the game. Once more unto the breach dear friends. We did close the wall with our Space Wolf dead. This was another loss. 

I ended the weekend 1-2-2, tired and having had a hell of a lot of fun and a lot of beer. I can't recommend Alamo GT more highly.  

 Finally here's just a good portion of the terrain from the tournament.

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