Sunday, May 26, 2013

Alamo GT Part 1, Pregaming

Hey there folks,

Sorry for the delay, Jack and I were at the Alamo GT in San Antonio last weekend, and then this week the wife and I got sick so I'm just now getting to posts.

First of all, happy memorial day to veterans and revelers alike.

Now, for the pregaming. The Alamo GT is held in San Antonio at essentially a Catholic VFW hall, this was mine and Jack's first time and it was a total blast.

Here's one of the best parts a bar inside the venue, staffed by a friendly old dude with $2.50 draft beers.

So the tournament went from Saturday to Sunday, three games the first day, two the second. Totally doable, Jack and I were wore out that first day. We may be getting old but it was a hell of a time.

Here are a few pictures of us setting up and me prowling around the hall before the day got started.

Here we have Jack getting set up.
Here's my Space Wolves, we went 1-2-2 for the weekend. 

Badass Hoth table, neither of us got to play on it. 

Angry Marines, the guy who played 'em got to drink for free for the weekend. 

Loved these nids, I have more of them on later, the painting is incredible. 

Here we have Jack's Guard and Imperial Fists. 

Thomas "Goatboy"'s daemons

John Cook aka CrazyRedPretorian's Space Wolves

That Keeper of Secrets had a disturbingly nice ass. 

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