Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alamo GT Part 2. Day One.

Hey there again folks,

On to day one. I played Necrons, Necrons, and Grey Knights.

Lots of flyers, I'm glad I brought an Aegis.


 Played Will from Austin for the first game, a great guy, and we got about a beer a turn, round one started at 10. A 5 objective game with table quarters being the secondary objective. We tied on the main  objective, and I pulled it out on the secondary and got Line Breaker, ending round 1 with 12 points.

This was also the bets $16 bucks I spent recently. A breakfast tray from Target. It's doesn't look like much but it's the perfect tournament tray. As you can see, fold down legs and a nice deep tray. 


I went against John Wayne, a great kid with lots of years of gaming in him. I might be old, but he's a lot taller than the last time I saw him (taller than me). He had a nasty Necron list that was on me fast. 

Here's my deployment in a defensive line ready to pounce on the objectives. John Wayne's dad, John Cook is at the next table. 
He came after me fast. 

These wraiths were great looking. I learned from my first game how ass kicking they were, these were target number one until the flyers came in. 

Here comes the air cavalry! They flew on and soon dropped their troops right in my face. 

We ended up drawing, with my Wolf Priest and one squad coming around the side to grab the objective  on the left. But he contested the objective with his destroyer lord. I got the secondary again, have more scoring units in no mans land than the other guy. So 12 points again. 

The last game of the day was against Cowboy Kenny from the Heroic 28s. Grey Knights(boo hiss!), Draigo, a paladin squad, Coteaz, a strike squad, a jump squad, and two dreads. 
Kenny was a great dude, and I didn't realize who he was until he was on a microphone on the second day giving an announcement. That podcasting voice. 

This was my first lost, a kill point mission (I hate kill points) but I did kill Coteaz and Draigo. And ended up losing 6-4 kill points. Not too shabby I'd say. 

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