Thursday, June 12, 2014

Alamo GT, Farewell to 6th

The last tournament of 6th edition. Alamo GT was a hell of a time. Even if I only won a single game all weekend. 

Welcome back folks, long time no type. Podcasting is a lot of fun, and life sure takes a lot of time. 

Mostly this will be a big ol picture dump. 

First game against Chumbalaya of the Heroic 28s against his Angry Marines, we played in the Lords of War optional round. 
Before a knight blast. 
After a melta blast. And this was after Sir Hawthorne here took a whole squad of combi meltas out of a drop pod, and only lost two hull points. 

Here's the whole army on parade. Five pods was too many to go with a knight. They got in the way. 

Gorgeous Dark Eldar. 

Alamo was Jack's last outing with his Imperial Fists. He's moving on to guard now. So he had to wear a yellow shirt. 

John Cook's White Scars/Space Wolves. 

Second round I played a nice guy with a crazy brutal Eldar list, I was tabled by turn 3. It didn't have a single psyker in it. Just firepower. So I has plenty of time to hang out and watch games and drink beer. 

Second game Jack fought a guy with a creepily gorgeous daemon army. 

Primarchs. Not as big as I thought. They are in scale and majestic as fuck though. 

My game 5, the Caestus flew in, rammed my knight. Bounced off, took a hull point and destroyed it's own melta cannon. The knight swatted at it we figured out. 

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