Monday, March 17, 2014

House Cadmus Knight WIP #MiniatureMonday

Hey folks, 

Hope you enjoyed Bart and I on Hitting on 3s in February. We should be a part of their next episode as well and are working on something tonight for another Old Man Wargaming. 

But, I have to tell y'all about why I am excited about 40k again.

Knights! They are so damn cool. The model, the fluff, the books, it's all excellent. 

I haven't been this pumped about something in 40k in a long time. The codex is a delight. The model is gorgeous and a blast to paint so far. The Knight Companion is hopefully a first step towards more of these wonderful showpiece books from Citadel Vault. Yes. It repeats a lot of stuff from the codex picture wise. But it also greatly expands the information and character of this new force. I got mine on a discount at my FLGS Harbor Games here in Granbury Texas. It was well worth the money, but I can see full retail being a bit of a stretch for what you get. 

Now on to my House Cadmus Knight so far. 
Sir Hawthorne Davalos of House Cadmus, he is from a vassal family of the main House. His family hails from Wavewatch Keep, on a coastal bluff where the Beastmen infested forests of Raisa meet the ocean. 

Here is how Sir Hawthorne is coming along so far. I ran out of primer after getting all the big pieces done. 

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