Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You Slate, Thank You Vets

I'm sure many of you have seen this wonderful article from Slate about US servicemen playing 40k and wargames in general.

I was astounded that our kind got such a fair, honest, and positive review. I know that this was specifically about active duty personnel and veterans, and they are likely the best spokesmen for our hobby one could find, but the way the hobby and players were treated was refreshing.

After so much negative coverage of video game players (not undeserved in many instances), having a positive, unprejudiced portrayal of wargamers is a great thing for the hobby. This article would be something to show family and significant others that just don't get it yet. We are not all the stereotypical basement dwellers with poor hygiene that traditional depictions of gamers have relied on.

Many friends and people I've played with are veterans,  we even have a couple active duty guys between deployments at the shop in Lubbock. I want to say thank you to them, and thank you to Slate for letting them make all the rest of us look good too.

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