Friday, August 31, 2012

40k Follow Friday. #FF

Hey Everybody,

Today I want to share some people in Texas that I talk about gaming with on Twitter.

1). Jyo, a buddy of mine for a while now, we played in a doubles tournament at WarGamesCon a few years ago. He runs around on twitter as @hungryclone, has a really nice looking chaos army all with Space Wolf wolf helmets, they actually look cool with such consistency.

2) The Hitting on 3s podcast guys. Matt, Galan, and John plus guest stars, of which I hope to be soon, they talk gaming, life and do it in style. I have been listening to the podcast at the gym recently, it even makes an elliptical entertaining. I am the only person laughing my head off while on weight machines. Also, it's great to hear people talk gaming from the DFW area, makes me right at home. I hope to be able to stay in town long enough to get some games in with these guys and sit in on a show. You can find them on twitter at their site.

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