Monday, March 19, 2012

Dystopian Wars, Part 1

Long time no type my dear readers,

We have been quite busy with the whole law school portion of this blog.

But that didn't stop me from heading down to the wonderland that is Austin, TX. The State's mecca of culture, government and most importantly gaming. I was able to pick up the starter fleet for the Federated States of America faction in Dystopian Wars.

Today is about the models, I'll get into the game and the fluff later this week.

I love the look of the models, that is what drew me in the first place. I grew up on a lake where we used to have a paddle wheel river boat that did tour cruises, so those big armored wheels spoke to me.

Here is my first completed model, one of a squadron of cruisers, with either a shield or kinetic generator, there is no express differentiation in the book between the two visually, one of the few straight problems with the rules.

Holy crap the details on this little resin piece. Rivets, windows, doors, wood planking. The detail on this is beautiful. There was minimal flash, just on the corners between and along the edges. The only casting error on 13 ships, 10 flyer tokens with tiny airplanes and 2 metal bombers was a small bubble missing on one of the smoke stacks on a cruiser. That's it, ONE problem. Spartan games makes GW look like the resin amateurs that they are. All of the promises made about finecast are represented in Spartan stuff, this is what GW wishes they could do with resin. Also, the prices are not bad for this stuff at all, this starter box with a whole small fleet(about 725 points worth) was $54.99. 

Another shot to show the crazy detail on these things, check out the fucking stairs and catwalks! Also, door and windows, I've not decided how to paint the tiny windows yet. 

Here is a front on view, this is the same cannon as on the battleship, it's not as powerful but still delightfully huge. 

Finally we have the two other cruisers that I am working on, with the other two add on pieces, the other generator and the standard rocket battery. 

There we have it folks, a start on a Dystopian Wars fleet. Once you figure out the colors you want to use, and get used to to how small and detail packed these things are I feel like I could paint them up pretty rapidly. 


  1. Received my FSA starter fleet about a fortnight ago, managed to give them a coat of Army Painter green, and you're right the detail is outstanding. Can't wait to find a night off to get the details done, and get these on the water...

  2. I just ordered a Republique of France starter fleet and can't wait to get them in the fight. I also thought the about getting the FSA originaly because I loved the look of models as well, but the RoF flying MKI magenta Battleship and the MKII and the awesome Battle Carrier with the Heat Lances sold me. (2x DR of target in AD) Plus I like the idea of teaching the global powers that be what the "minor" French brought back with them from Antarctica. :)