Friday, February 3, 2012

PP made me blow a COLOSSAL load!

HOLY CRAP.  Warmachine Colossals are amazing.

Check out the video HERE.

On to the screen caps I made. The following images are taken from the above video as the type of "comment" embodied in 17 USC 107, if the copyright holder wishes them taken down, merely send me an email, a C&D is not needed.

Here is a nice comparison to show exactly how huge these things are. 

Here is the Cygnar one as well, it seems only these two models exist so far. 

As a Menoth player, holy crap shoulder rockets and flamethrowers. AHHHHH!!! YES! Also, this one just screams "IT'S A GUNDAM!". 

Finally we have these big boys facing off on the field of battle. 

So in closing, I can't wait to buy the Menoth one as an after Bar present in July, which appears to be when these things start coming out. 

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