Monday, October 10, 2011

Magnetize the Stone Horn / Thundertusk Kit

So I sat down with Bryce's StoneHorn and Thundertusk kit and decided that since there was not a great tutorial out there on how to magnetize it I would throw one together.
Things you will need: Stonehorn/Thundertusk Kit, Strong magnets about a half inch in diameter. Glue.
I began by assembling the components that I could.
The body, without the lower back.
And both saddles
I then put a magnet in the back of the neck inside the body of the beast
I then put the heads together with a magnet in the back of each. At this point it is very important to line up the correct sides of the magnets.Next Step is to magnetize the saddles. They will be held by the pull to the magnet already in the neck. Again, make sure that you have the correct sides of the magnets aimed toward the neck.
Then Just stick the lower back on, make you two ogre riders and hazaa!
I hope this helps you guys out. It really was pretty simple when I sat down to do it but It seemed like it was going to be pretty hard. Good luck guys!


  1. This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. so are there competences to make both saddles? are the arms on the frostlord/huskard, able to be swapped with a front rider? it looks like just his right arm would need to be changed for the spear or the chain whip thing. any response is appreciated.