Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hobby Variety Hour

Hey folks,

Here's some pictures and such about what I have been working on hobby wise lately.

First of all here are some Flames of War vehicles I have been working on to reinforce my Airborne.

Here we have a full platoon of M18 tank destroyers, with security section. 

These are M4A1 Shermans from Plastic Soldier Company. 

Here we have Khaleesi supervising me working on some light 105mm artillery.

The start of my new Steelheads force for Warmachine. We have our Warcaster Captain Damiano, a full Unit of Steelhead halberdiers, a minimum unit of Steelhead cavalry, and Stannis Brocker. This is 

Now onto some other geeky things I have been into lately that don't involve glue and paint. 

Above is a shot of me reading the Numenera core rulebook at a great bar called Hay Merchant here in Houston. I'm drinking a 512 Pecan Porter if anyone cares, it may be my favorite beer. Numenera is a recently Kickstarted RPG from Monte Cook, he got to make the game he always wanted. Every new part of the game I went through I kept thinking, oh wow that's so elegant or well done for all the mechanical aspects of the game. It uses a d20 for almost all rolls, but is nothing like other games out there right now. Also it has the most useful and relevant GM's section that I have ever seen.

 I totally recommend this game for someone looking for a new experience. 

Now onto what I had a friend ninja me from GenCon, the new Iron Kingdoms RPG setting book that focuses on the Iron Kingdoms themselves. The history of the 5 Iron Kingdoms is presented in great detail, as well as adding a lot of new player information, with new careers, and modified existing ones, as well as equipment, a ton of new warjacks, a few new labor jacks, and new themes for your adventuring group. I totally love this book, it's just shy of 400 pages of goodness. The only thing is I wish it was a little more focused on the day to day lives and culture of the different Iron Kingdoms instead of mostly a list of kings and battles and coups. The good stuff in my mind is the detailed information of the different regions, cities, and such subdivisions of each nation. Now you have a place for your character to be from, or a place for them to belong and adventure in. 

Now for a few things that I have received from projects I backed on Kickstarter. 

 Deadlands updated to the 1930s, and beyond with the companion they also produced with the Kickstarter campaign. Good stuff.
All the cool stuff from the first year of d20 Monkey one of my favorite geeky webcomics. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for future projects. 

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