Thursday, July 12, 2012

Uncertain is the new normal.

Hey everyone, Bryce here, with some quick 6th edition thoughts.

 Jack and I are currently studying for the Texas bar exam, so here are a few of my precious moments with some thoughts on the new edition.

 Full disclosure I have not had the chance to play yet, though I have read through the rules and have an ok grasp on them for not having a chance to play.

 What I'm going to talk about today is what I feel is one of the biggest changes to the system. Uncertainty is a big part of the game now.

 Yep, I know we can premeasure and a few other things like hull points do make some things a little more certain. But the pervasive uncertainty is what I think a lot of people have a problem with.

 So the elephant in the uncertainty china shop, charging. Charge range has become 2d6. Yes "average" is 7, but if my dice always rolled average I would on Team America. But that is only a third of the uncertainty in charging. Since you roll charge range AFTER taking any casualties from the front for overwatch, that can really mess up any careful planning. Or it might not. Who knows?

The last part is the uncertainty of overwatch itself, it is fairly hard to hit a charging model, but if you can even get a few you can stop a whole charge and leave an assault unit out to dry.

Just this one example of charging into assault is indicative of the uncertainty I feel from reading the rules and as an under current in a lot of posts and comments. We can count on few things to come through for us anymore. I know that worries me.

So is it new rules, or is the the uncertainty of the new rules that is bothering people most?

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