Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year: Flame and Pigs. Bacon?

Hello Dear Readers, 

We're back, at least I am. Jack has just made some purchases and could have something in store for you in the future. 

We survived finals and are about to start our last semester of law school. 

I've been playing a lot of Warmachine lately, the 40k and Fantasy crowd around here isn't too active. 

Here are some of the painted dudesmen from my Menoth army. I had posted crappy pictures to twitter a while back, hopefully these are better. 

Here is my battle group for the Journeyman league we had up at the store in December, I was able to play up to 25 points before finals took over my life. I've also got a minimum squad each of knights exemplar and exemplar errants(with the attachment). I also have several support models and a couple other casters, as well as other 'Jacks. 

 This is a paladin from the roleplaying line that I picked up years ago, he got a coat of turquoise to match every one else and slays in the name of Menoth.
 The humble work horses of the Protectorate, the Choir. I bet you can tell which Menofix I painted first.
 Here is a closer look at the battle group, I chose the alternate starter set because I prefer heavy 'jacks. How do ya'll like the terra cotta and turquoise? I wanted something desert like, but very different from the white and purple usually on Menoth figures. I guess my grandmother's love for big New Mexico jewelry came through in what I think of as desert colors.
 Here is a fledgling( or should I say piglet?) Farrow army for Hordes. I find the fury system much more mechanically interesting than focus, so when I had some extra cash and found a good deal online, I snapped up some pigs. I got Carver, the two warhogs and the brigands for a steal. Then at the new game shop in my hometown over Christmas break, they had a used Farrow army on sale, I did a little haggling and got Rorsch and Brine, the gunboar, the slaughterhousers, and Targ, for a little less than the combined cost of the unit and Rorsch and Brine.
Well, that does it for this one, sorry for the long delay, but school, holidays and family didn't allow much chance for gaming.  I am also looking into Infinity.

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