Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update of things to come.

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Hey everyone, long time no type.

Bringing a little law school to the wargaming mix, finals are fast approaching, hence our lack of posts.

However, I have a few new developments on upcoming content. 

1. Today Jack and I are starting with the WarmaHordes Journeyman League at Stormcrow Games. So expect Warmachine content when we get the chance to soon. I have been playing orders of magnitude more WM than 40k or fantasy, it is just what people play more up here in Lubbock.

I've got a bunch of Menoth stuff that I had for years and will finally get some paint on it. Jack is starting up with a Cygnar battle box, we're going to go play later today so he can relearn the rules.

2. There is a 1500 point Rogue Trader the weekend after finals, so I WILL be playing in that. So expect some small points lists for comment and such. Space Wolves or Grey Knight Draigowing? You can get more Paladins than you think.

Which one guys and gals? Wolves or Paladins?

3. Since the Journeyman League includes points for painting, we will be getting some progress or finished stuff up here, it seems we both like turquoise, so there will be a lot of that. 

4. Our lovable Gamemonger Aaron and his lovely business manager/ tech support/ social media officer/ child wrangler/ wife, have asked me to lend my blogging experience(if not expertise) to help them get some content on their blog for Stormcrow Games (The latest post from Sept. has a lot of pictures of the gorgeous terrain we get to play on). So expect some link throughs of perhaps some of the above Warmachine posts.

5. Necrons!!!!! The book looks cool, won't be making an army(I'm serious this time, not like Dark Eldar and Grey Knights, and Ogres), but I will be doing some review posts, and lists.

Oh shit, that's pretty ambitious. And we have these little things called law school finals too. No big deal.

Blog like ya got a pair!


PS- I also do Malifaux on occasion.

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